Amazon app quiz today, October 29, 2022: To win Rs 5,000, here are the answers to 5 questions

To win today's prize, one should have to answer all the questions.

Amazon app quiz today, October 29, 2022: To win Rs 5,000, here are the answers to 5 questions File Photo

New Delhi: The daily app quiz from Amazon is back in action. The quiz will be found in the Funzone section of the e-commerce app. The winner will get a Rs 5,000 Amazon Pay Balance. If you are interested to play the quiz, you can play it in the Funzone section of the app.

Questions type

Five questions, usually based on general knowledge and current events, make up Amazon's daily quiz. (Also Read: Post office scheme: Invest Rs 100 daily in THIS plan, get more than Rs 2 lakh in 5 years)

How can you win?

For a contestant to be eligible for the quiz reward, they must properly answer each question. There are four options for each quiz question. Participants in the quiz must select one accurate response from these choices. Once all questions have been correctly answered, participants will enter a drawing to determine the quiz's winners. (Also Read: Explained: Is Elon Musk vs Twitter deal nears close? Here're TURNING POINTS of this buyout)

Here are all five questions and its answer for October 29, 2022:

1. Recently 21 Indian wrestlers were denied visas by which country ahead of the U23 World Championship?

Answer: Spain

2. The upcoming movie 'Bhediya' stars which of these actors in the lead role?

Answer: Varun Dhawan

3. The World Health Organization recently said that it will shift to a one-dose strategy for which of these diseases, amid vaccine shortage?

Answer: Cholera

4. This is a statue of which famous political leader?

Answer: Winston Churchill

5. This is the famous Trump international hotel in which city is known as the 'Sin City'?

Answer: Las Vegas

How to play the quiz?

- Open the amazon quiz app.

- Go to the search bar.

- Search Funzone.

- Click on the Amazon daily quiz at the bottom of the interface.