Railway Constable's Brave Act Saves Life Of Passenger Trying To Catch Train: Watch Video

The video of the alert RPF constable saving the passenger on Bandra Terminus in Mumbai is receiving lots of appreciation for his actions from the netizens.

Railway Constable's Brave Act Saves Life Of Passenger Trying To Catch Train: Watch Video

Video of passengers getting in an accident and being saved by alert officers on railway platforms are often shared on social media. In one such incident, a vigilant Railway Protection Force (RPF) police officer saved a passenger from a fatal accident at Bandra Terminus in Mumbai. The police officer takes quick action saving a passenger trying to board a moving train with luggage in his hands. It is to be noted that the short video clip was shared on Twitter by RPF India's official Twitter handle. The short video starts with showing a moving train at Bandra Terminus Station.

A few seconds later a passenger appears in the frame running with his luggage in his hands trying to catch the train. Later on, the passenger can be seen leaping toward the departing train in an attempt to board the coach before it leaves the platform. However, the passenger fails to get in the gate and instead falls between the train and the platform.

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Meanwhile, during this whole process, an RPF officer standing at a distance can be seen trying to stop the man from boarding the train. However, he fails to stop the man. After the man falls on the platform, the RPF officer takes quick action and saves the man from falling on the tracks. The officer in the incident has been identified as RPF constable Sushil Kumar who was on his duty at the time.

The video was shared on Twitter with the caption, "A #RealHero among us! #RPF Constable Shushil Kumar acted quickly to save a passenger's life at great personal risk when the passenger was trying to board a moving train at Bandra Terminus."

The video is gaining traction on the social media platform and has been viewed more than nine thousand times with over 800 likes. Furthermore, the video is getting lots of reactions from social media users. Many of the netizens appreciated the RPF constable for his dedication and alert actions on duty. Appreciating the constable, a social media user wrote, "Hatsoff sirji, you are a rreal-lifehero." While another person said, "Salute to the railway police."

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