Delhi Metro’s meme featuring Malaika Arora has a message for Instagram influencers

Delhi Metro's interesting meme approach featuring Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur for advising people against making Instagram reels in the metro is going viral.

Delhi Metro’s meme featuring Malaika Arora has a message for Instagram influencers

Delhi Metro is one of the major means of transportation in the national capital. With a growing network of 390.14 km and 286 stations covering the Delhi NCR region, the metro trains have a daily ridership number of millions. But along with this, the metro also works well on social media platforms to make people aware of the responsibilities and rules they need to follow while riding in the metro. The most recent awareness post of the organization is about video making, dancing, or making Instagram reels in the metro.

It is to be noted that coaches of Delhi Metro are now being regularly used for video making, which is strictly prohibited. Hence, the behemoth organisation has taken on Twitter to advise people against it. Commanding a follower list of over three hundred thousand people, the organisation keeps sharing hilarious memes to further its agenda. This time the agenda is a video making and dancing in the metro coaches.

The most recent meme shows three judges on a reality show, namely Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, and Terence Lewis. The contestant, in this case, is the individual who creates Instagram Reels while riding the Delhi Metro, and the judges are the other riders who respond to it. The caption reads, "POV: People making reels inside Delhi Metro."

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Following the format judge, Geeta Kapoor, addresses the performer saying, "Bete yaha dance nahi karte (you are not supposed to dance here)." Similarly, Malaika Arora mentions, "Don't you think this is the wrong place?" While Terence Lewis says, "apke steps bohot Sahi hai lekin jagah nahi (Your steps are quite good but not where you are performing.)"

The meme also has a subtle message for the passenger which reads, "Kala ka safar manch tak hai, metro mein nahi (Talent must be showcased on the stage and not inside metro)." While the caption has the pun intended saying, "Metro mein 'safar' karein, 'suffer' naa karayein (travel in the metro, don't make others suffer)." This interesting way of spreading of Delhi Metro has garnered hundreds of likes and is continuing to get more.

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