Weekly Love Horoscope February 5 to 11: Valentine’s Week Love Prediction for All Zodiac

Astrologer and Vastu consultant Rosie Jasrotia makes the predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces –Let's find out what is in store for all signs during the love week.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Love Horoscope

The Valentine week is going to start soon and with Rose Day on 7th February commencing the love week, here are the love predictions for all sun signs in this week. Are you the lucky zodiac to receive the best gift this Valentine's? Let's find out.

Aries love horoscope


To make your love relationship sweet this week, you should solve all issues through dialogue, then only a pleasant time will be spent and your love for each other will increase. A new beginning at the end of the week will bring happiness in life and strengthen your love affair.

Taurus love horoscope


There will be pleasant experiences in your romantic relationship this week and mutual love will also get stronger. The blessings of elders will be a reason of happiness and prosperity in your love life. You will get the support of someone who has a strong personality and their opinion will make all difficult times favorable.

Gemini love horoscope


The love week will bring pleasant times in your love relationship and will also create favorable situations in life. In the beginning of the week, you may get pleasant news in your romantic life. You might get a peaceful night at the end of the week with your partner.

Cancer love horoscope


In the beginning of the week you may be very upset with the circumstances in your love life. There is a need to be practical in relationships and when you reach any decision by establishing a mental balance, better results will follow. At the end of this week, auspicious coincidences of happiness and prosperity possible with in your love life.

Leo love horoscope


You may end up spending a lot of pleasant time with your loved ones and might receive happy news leading to a prosperous week. You might give the best gift to your partner before Valentine ’s Day.

Virgo love horoscope


The beginning of the week is not the best time for your love life. But by middle of the week you may spend a pleasant time in the company of your partner and also attend a wedding together.

Libra love horoscope


This might be an unfavorable time in your love life. By the middle of the week, there may be some sourness between you and your partner leading tense situations. But towards the end of the week, you may also make up your mind to go out somewhere with your partner which will be a happy situation for your love life.

Scorpio love horoscope


You may be very upset this week and it will take more time to get the kind of changes you want. You might find your partner’s behavior to be suspicious in this week. By mid-week you plan an outing with your partner somewhere this can help deepen your relationship.

Sagittarius love horoscope


Any and all issues should be handled by your restraint and tact this week otherwise this could be very upsetting week for your love life leading to troubles in your life. Give your love both time and dedication and try to listen to your partner.

Capricorn love horoscope


Wait for the good times and handle your love life wisely during this week. Handle all issues with care and patience to reduce your problems in companionship.

Aquarius love horoscope


There may be happy times and prosperity towards the end of the week and you might also get many opportunities to strengthen your love relationship. You might end up putting in time and efforts in your relationship leading to positive results.

Pisces love horoscope


This week will be full of mixed feelings and a lot of ups and downs during this period for love. You will also spend a pleasant time in the company of your loved ones. However by the end of the week some misunderstandings may arise.