Saudi Arabia Makes Waves: First-Ever Swimwear Fashion Show

On a fabulous Friday, Saudi Arabia left the world stunned with its first-ever swimsuit fashion show. No wonder, it's a bold stride in a nation where women were once mandated to don body-covering abaya robes less than ten years ago.

History Created

History Created

Saudi Arabia stunned the world with its first-ever swimsuit fashion show on a glamorous Friday. It makes sense; less than a decade ago, women in this country were required to wear abaya robes that covered their bodies. 


Highlight Of The Show


The highlight of the second day of the first Red Sea Fashion Week at the St Regis Red Sea Resort, on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, was the show.


Breaking Barriers


An uncommon sight, the majority of models had bare shoulders, and some even showed off their partially exposed midriffs. The colorful swimsuit line, which largely consisted of one-piece suits in shades of red, beige, and blue, was on display at the poolside event.


Designer Yasmina Qanzal Quoted


“Yes, this country is steeped in conservatism, but we aimed to present elegant swimsuits that embody the Arab world,” the designer Yasmina Qanzal said. “Arriving here, we realized that a swimsuit fashion show in Saudi Arabia is a momentous occasion, marking the first time such an event has taken place,” she said, expressing her pride in being part of this historic event. 


When did Social Reforms begin?


Several significant social reforms have been implemented by Prince Mohammed, who took the king in 2017, to improve Saudi Arabia's reputation as a conservative state that has historically supported Wahhabism, a strict interpretation of Islam.