Horoscope Today, December 9 By Astrologer Sundeep Kochar: Leo, Focus On Your Finances Today!

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The astrological predictions are by Dr Sundeep Kochar.

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The moon is aligned with your professional chakras today. You are going to receive a very strong standing ovation at work today for the things you’ve been doing. You’ll find yourself being attracted to someone who has been dropping hints towards you for a while now; and this is the right chance for you to go ahead and take a step into the love sphere.




Today is going to be full of energy for you. You’ll find yourself delving into all sorts of activities such as sports, new work projects, socialising and more. You might want to keep a check on your finances though, as times are tough, and you’ll want to stock some of your finances away for later.



You are who you are, and that’s the most attractive part of you. Don’t change yourself for others. Today, you might feel the need to mold other people’s opinions of you, but remember that it’s not you. Be who you are and people will learn how to appreciate you themselves.




If things are getting boring, it’s in your hands to make them interesting. Spruce up your work area or your room to make it more welcoming for you. Change your lazy and boring environment to something fun that will keep you productive. Don’t forget that a boring environment is definitely going to hinder your progress - so pump things up a bit.




Focus on your finances today. If you’re thinking of investing in something, then make sure you have extra finances to do so. Don’t put all your hard-earned money into the same place. Your work day is going to be pretty laid back. When you get home, try to spend some extra time with your family to create a binding atmosphere.




Your time is precious, and it’s yours, so don’t go out of your way to add extra things to your schedule for no reason. Make sure you finish up all that you have lined up for yourself before delving in to help others with their things. It’s also a good day to workout. So start your week by getting a workout in to keep the good energy flowing.




Your persuasion powers are strong today - this means if there’s something you’ve been wanting to get done by someone, then today is the perfect day to do it. Your charm and personality is going to be irresistible and people aren’t going to be able to say no to you. Use this to your advantage and go grab whatever you’re looking for.




You’re going to have a large breakthrough in your professional life today. You’ve been waiting for this opportunity to grow for a long time, and today you’re going to receive it. In your personal life, you’re going to see a lot of platonic and family love as they have been missing you. So spend some time at home.




People in your professional sphere are finally going to notice the extra work you’ve been putting in and you’re going to get a golden opportunity at work. Don’t sit in the comfort of your home and expect things to just happen. Get up, move around, explore new things.




Time is on your side today. Unlike yesterday, you’re going to have a lot of time to do things you want. You don’t have loads on your plate today so there’s going to be a lot of free time for you. Make use of this time and do things that you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Life is not going to wait for you, but today it just might.




Your intuition is strong today - so don’t ignore it. If you’re feeling strongly about a particular thing, make sure you act towards it. Your work is going to be extremely fruitful as well. Go out of your way and tell your superiors that you want to pick up a new project. This will definitely impress them.



Your romantic life is going to take a turn today. You’ve been high and dry for a long time now but that is going to change. Your family is also going to show you the love and respect they have for you. At work, your superiors are going to encourage what you’re doing, and use you as an example for most. It’s going to be a good day.