Year-end 2022:- THESE are the top 5 tech developments this year



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 1, inaugurated the sixth edition of the India Mobile Congress (IMC). PM Modi also launched 5G services in India on that day. The prime minister said that 5G technology can revolutionise the lifestyle and urged industry leaders to create awareness around its usage. He also urged the countrymen to utilise 5G for taking India towards a faster growth path. Undoubtfully, the roll out of the 5G service is one of the most important milestones.


Since its debut, the United Payments Interface (UPI) of the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has become steadily stronger. Along with growing in popularity within India, UPI expanded internationally, with the service now being offered in a variety of nations across the world, including Nepal, Bhutan, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, as well as Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


At a time when Apple plans to lessen its reliance on China and diversify its production capabilities in markets around the world, including in India, India is attempting to increase its iPhone manufacturing capabilities in India.

Semiconductor manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturing

India has been concentrating on improving its capacity for producing semiconductors. A lot of tech firms have either rooted themselves in India or increased their manufacturing capacity.

Data protection bill

Data protection bill

The government on August 3, 2022, spiked the much-debated and contentious Data Protection Bill from Parliament, which had alarmed big technology companies such as Facebook and Google. The government said it will come out with a "set of fresh legislations" that will fit into the comprehensive legal framework. 

Due to the large number of recommendations it got, it later withdrew it. Last month, the law was reintroduced with all of the proposals taken into consideration.