How to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone: New feature makes switching to Apple device easier

WhatsApp has become an important part of our life. The Meta-owned platform has announced a new feature for Android users who want to switch to iPhone.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone: New feature makes switching to Apple device easier

New Delhi: Instant messaging app WhatsApp has become an integral part of our life. Be it family or office work, the messaging platform offers an easy way of communication. And now the Meta-owned platform has come up with good news for android users who were planning to switch to iPhone -- which has been a pain due to a lack of WhatsApp chat transfer. WhatsApp and Apple have announced a feature to make transferring the messaging app data from Android to iOS simpler and easier for users. 

WhatsApp already had the facility to transfer iOS data to Android, but chats from Android phones couldn’t be transferred to iPhone. WhatsApp and Apple had announced a partnership under which users will be able to transfer all the WhatsApp data to the new iPhone. The latest update was provided by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, through a Facebook post. While the feature was announced about 10 months ago, it has been released now on Wednesday (July 20). (Also Read: Massive fall in gold prices, good time to invest? Check rates in your city)

WhatsApp said, “a new way to keep the chats that mean the most. Today you’ll have the ability to transfer your entire chat history from android to iOS and vice-versa. Now you have the freedom to switch to and from your preferred devices”. To use the feature your Android should be 5 or higher, while the WhatsApp version should be Apart from this, your iPhone should be on iOS 15.5 or higher while WhatsApp should be on iOS version or higher. (Also Read: SBI WhatsApp Banking Services: Here’s how to check account balance, statement)

A step-by-step guide to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone: 

-Download the app ‘Move to iOS’ on your android phone.

-Open the app and follow the on-screen prompts.

-While prompting, enter a code you had received on your iPhone.

-Click on the ‘Continue’ option and follow the on-screen prompts.

-Thereafter, Select ‘WhatsApp’ on the transfer data screen.

-Click on the ‘Start on Your Android Phone’ option. Wait till the data is ready for export.

-Your Android phone will be signed out as soon as the data is ready.

-After this, click on the ‘Next’ option and go to the ‘Move to iOS app’.

- Click on the ‘ Continue’ option. Wait until the transfer is complete.

-Download the latest WhatsApp from the App Store.

-Open WhatsApp and log in by giving the same phone number used in the old device.

-When the prompt comes, tap on the ‘Start’ option. Let the process be complete.

-Your chat will be transferred once the process is complete.

If you do not have an Apple ID, you will need to create an ID. The data backup system will work only when you are switching to a new iPhone i.e. during the setup of the phone, you will be able to take the backup. In the chat transfer, only the data of your WhatsApp app will be there. If there is a backup on Google Drive then, the chats won't display.

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