Who is Kacha Badam Girl Anjali Arora's Boyfriend Akash Sansanwal? Check Unseen Romantic Pics

Anjali Arora's Viral Hot Pics: She keeps sharing her dance videos on popular trending songs which undoubtedly go viral in no time. 

Who is Kacha Badam Girl Anjali Arora's Boyfriend Akash Sansanwal? Check Unseen Romantic Pics

New Delhi: Digital content creator Anjali Arora shot to fame with her viral video on the Kacha Badam song. Thanks to her social media presence, she got a massive break to star as a contestant in Ekta Kapoor's first reality show titled Lock Upp Season 1. And Anjali managed to remain in the highlights during the course of the show which was hosted by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Once out of the show, fans have often spotted Anjali with her beau Akash Sansanwal. Today, let's scroll through their romantic pictures:

Who is Akash Sansanwal?

According to report and his Instagram bio, Akash is active in politics and is a member of the BJP. Not much is revealed about the guy but he is often seen with Anjali at various events and dos. Earlier in an interview with ETimesTV Anjali opened up on dating Akash and said, "Akash is so understanding and that is one quality which I respect a lot about him. He has handled everything in a mature way and tackled everything very nicely. Main Aakash ki bahut respect karrti hoon ke usne mujhe Iss baare mein ek sawaal tak nahi poocha.”

Akash and Anjali's romantic pictures are too cutesy and they often share clicks on social media. 

In the same interview, Anjali also talked about spending time with his family. "I enjoyed the last entire week with my family which included Aakash and his family also as they are my family. We had our brother’s function and Aakash's family and all of us had a blast," she quipped.

Why is Anjali Arora Famous?

With her fan army of over 12.4 million followers on Instagram alone, the digital creator is surely going places. Anjali Arora was first seen in Lock Upp - a reality show hosted by Kangana Ranaut and produced by Ekta Kapoor. Digital content creator shot to fame with her dance video of the Kacha Badam song. 

However, recently she made headlines for an alleged MMS viral clip which surfaced online. The private video went viral and many assumed that the girl in it is Anjali, however, looks like that's not the case. Later, Anjali Arora while talking to Siddharth Kanan, spoke about it. She revealed such things affect her and her family.


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