Varun Dhawan grooves on ‘Oo Antava Ooo’ as he breaks into Prime Video’s office for ‘andar ki khabar’- Watch

Varun Dhawan broke into the office of Prime Video to get top-secret information about their upcoming shows and films. He even grooved on 'Oo Antava Ooo' to impress the people.

Varun Dhawan grooves on ‘Oo Antava Ooo’ as he breaks into Prime Video’s office for ‘andar ki khabar’- Watch

New Delhi: Prime Video dropped a humorous film a couple of days ago where Varun Dhawan was being questioned by everyone in his vicinity for an inside scoop on their favorite Amazon Originals. Since the actor enjoys a warm relationship with Prime Video, Varun thought that he could get this information easily from his 'friend' who works at the service. However, when that didn’t work, Varun took up the challenge to get top-secret information himself from Prime Video.   

As soon as the video dropped, fans started posting their comments on the same. A fan even said that his friend Rajiv Bhatia in the video looks like Pankaj Tripathi. “is Rajiv Bhatia in this video, aware of the fact that he looks like Pankaj Tripathi? Or am I tripping here?” the user added.  

Watch the video here - 


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Now, in a second film released today, the story continues forward with the man-with-a-plan Varun Dhawan trying different tactics to get access to this classified information. From flicking his friend’s ID card to listening in on secret conversations, Varun’s hilarious plan takes him through the corporate maze of Prime Video’s office. After a hilarious revelation about his hairstyling budget and an impromptu dance number, he realized that sometimes the easiest of plans can actually help you hit the “jackpot”. 

Does Varun find the top-secret information he’s looking for? While we are yet to figure that out, the smirk on his notorious face says a lot about the secret. It seems like he has intel we have been waiting to hear. But for all that, we’ll have to wait until the next video. Clearly, the audience will have to stay tuned to know what happens next and what exactly Varun Dhawan has found! 

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