'Kabir Singh' actress Nikita Dutta shares 'traumatic' encounter with two thieves on bike

Nikita Dutta says she had 'tears rolled down uncontrollably' her cheeks after the theft incident in Mumbai.

'Kabir Singh' actress Nikita Dutta shares 'traumatic' encounter with two thieves on bike

New Delhi: Kabir Singh actress Nikita Dutta has been a victim of theft on the streets of Mumbai, Bandra. The actress was followed by two men on a bike, one of whom tapped her on her head and the other snatched her mobile. The horrid incident has left the Big Bull actress in a state of utter shock. Opening up on the incident, Nikita shared a post on her social media accounts sharing that the incident almost gave her a ‘panic attack’.

“Sharing a torrid experience I had yesterday which was very dramatic and has given me a rough 24 hours. I was walking on the 14th road in Bandra around 7:45 pm in the evening.  Two men came on a bike from behind, tapped me on my head which suddenly disoriented me for a moment and the pillion rider snatched my phone from my hand. They were on the move when they did this. So before I could react they fled away,” wrote the 28 years old.


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She further added, “For almost 3-4 seconds I was in absolute shock as I didn’t register what just happened. By the time I gathered myself and ran behind the bike, they had gone too far. The walkers nearby were sweet enough to rush for help. A kind man on a two wheeler even tried to follow them after hearing me yell for help but was in vain in keeping track as they drove rashly and just got away in no time.”

Describing her mental state at this point, Nikita revealed, “With all the helplessness and rage I felt in that instance it almost gave me a panic attack. Was lucky enough to have some very helpful people around who calmed me down gave me some water as tears rolled down uncontrollably. Later I did file a complaint at Bandra police station. Did all the needful things as per procedure.”

The actress concluded her post saying that she hopes no one has to go through the same experience like she did. “I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and no one has to experience losing their hard earned money like this without any fault of theirs”.

Nikita Dutta was a finalist of Femina Miss India 2012. She later made her Bollywood debut with ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ in 2014. She was last seen in Emraan Hashmi's Dybbuk.

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