Govinda breaks silence on Krushna Abhishek apology, says 'I went to see his kids four times but...'

Govinda has for the first time opened up about his fallout with his nephew and actor Krushna Abhishek on Maniesh Paul's podcast.

Govinda breaks silence on Krushna Abhishek apology, says 'I went to see his kids four times but...' Photo courtesy: Instagram

NEW DELHI: Yesteryear actor Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja's strained relationship with actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek has been out in public for years now. It all started first  in 2016 when several reports stated that their relationship turned strained. Later, in 2018, Sunita got offended by Krushna's wife Kashmera Shah's tweet about ‘people who dance for money’. Sunita felt that the post was a dig at Govinda. After this incident, Krushna and Govinda have often talked about their strained relationship on various platforms.

Moreover, Sunita and Kashmera Shah have also taken digs at each other in several interviews and media interactions.

Recently, Govinda appeared on Maniesh Paul's podcast, where he once again opened up about his relationship with his nephew Krushna. As per Indian Express, Govinda said, "He has assumed and presumed that something wrong is happening in his life due to me." 

When Maniesh told him that Krushna was really apologetic when he talked about Govinda, he replied, "Then let the love be seen off-camera too. He's a well brought-up boy, that shows. But he needs to know that he is being used by writers, and that there is a limit to being used."

Govinda said that he is surprised to see Krushna asking for forgiveness on public forums, but not reaching out to him personally. The 'Hero No 1' actor addressed Krushna directly, saying that he is 'a good boy'. "Keep working hard, there is no problem, relax, may God bless you," he said. 

Govinda further said that "Krushna kept mentioning in interviews that he never came to visit his newborn kids in the hospital, when, in fact, he went four times, but was told that he couldn't meet the babies. He assumed that it was just a precautionary measure."

Govinda's reply comes almost a month after Krushna appeared on Maniesh's podcast. During the interaction, Krushna was asked about the feud between him and his uncle Govinda, as well as the reason behind it. He replied, "Whenever I say something to media, it is cut pasted and shown on their social media. Chi chi mama I miss you and I love you a lot. Please do not pay heed to what you read in the newspaper or what you hear in social media. The thing I miss the most is that I want my babies to play with my mama. I know he misses me too. I know that."

It is to be noted that Krushna, who is a cast member on 'The Kapil Sharma Show', has often cracked jokes about his spat with Govinda on the show. 

Earlier this year, in one of the episodes of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' featuring Raveena Tandon and Farah Khan, Krushna expressed his desire to resolve the issue between him and Govinda. It was when he prased Raveena and Govinda starrer film 'Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ by giving it a different name. The actor said that he loved her movie 'Bade Miyan Bade Miyan' to which Raveena reacted by taking the correct name. In response to this, Krushna said that for him the 'Chote Miyan' is only Bade Miyan. He further added, "Maine jo kuch bhi seekha hai unhi se seekha hai. Woh alag baat hai woh mereko chote miyan nahi maante hai. Theek hai, koi baat nahi, family hai, chalta rehta hai. Karenge baat, solve hoga, koi problem nahi."

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