Comedian Vir Das tests COVID-19 positive, muses about pillows

Comedian Vir Das announced on Monday (January 9) on Instagram that he is COVID positive.

Comedian Vir Das tests COVID-19 positive, muses about pillows

Mumbai: Comedian-actor Vir Das shared on Monday night that he has tested positive for COVID-19 positive and has mild symptoms.

Taking to his Instagram handle, Vir wrote, "Right. I`ve tested positive for Covid-19. Mild symptoms. Aches and a sore throat. Isolated at home. Had only been in contact with two other people in the last month and thankfully they are both negative."

Further, he went into random musings about pillows and quilts.

He continued, "Now I am in a room. I have three pillows and a quilt. I`m seriously considering embroidery. Depending on how long this takes, I may wind up with no quilts and 6 pillows, or like 2 quilts. If I had to choose a market, I`d choose quilts over pillows, more exclusive. Almost everyone has a pillow they love. Not everyone has a nice quilt."


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Extending this thought, he went on to finally write about COVID safety protocols. " pillows are overrated. Old pillows, they know you and your whole body. You ever shoved a memory pillow between your knees? It`s a core workout. You want abs or a nap? You ever shoved an old pillow between your knees? All the best parts of you are reunited and comfy. The point of all this is to wear a mask and get boosted. Hope you and your family are safe," he concluded.

Sharing the post, Vir captioned it, "Peace."Meanwhile, on the work front, Vir was recently nominated for his comedy special at the International Emmy Awards 2021.

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