Vinesh Phogat Slams Yogeshwar Dutt, Says He Laughed Mockingly When Female Wrestlers Told Their Harassment Stories

Vinesh Phogat, 28, a long Twitter post said that Yogeshwar Dutt has been trying to derial the protest of the wrestlers from the first day itself. She also called him various names in the statement. 

Vinesh Phogat Slams Yogeshwar Dutt, Says He Laughed Mockingly When Female Wrestlers Told Their Harassment Stories Source: Twitter

Vinesh Phogat launched an attack on Olympic medallist Yogeshwar Dutt on Thursday after he criticised the exemption given to the six protesting wrestlers who want Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief to resign. Taking a potshot at the likes of Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat and others, Dutt said that ad-hoc committee which is running the sport at the moment has taken a wrong decision. Dutt, who is also a silver medallist from London Olympics, slammed the protesting wrestlers, doubting the intention behind their protest.

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"I believe this is not at all good for wrestling. Our junior wrestlers, such as one who got a gold medal recently in under-23 champtionship, and there are several like this...This is a very wrong foundation laid by the ad-hoc committee [of IOA]...Khap panchayats and farmer organisations participating in the protests should attempt to know whether the protest happened against sexual harassment or to get such relaxation," said Dutt in Hindi in the video.

Vinesh, after watching the video, took to twitter to release a long statement. She wrote that as she was watching the video, she was reminded of Dutt's cheap laughter. Dutt was part of the the oversight committee that was formed to look into the sexual allegations of the female wrestlers. Vinesh said that Dutt used to laugh in a cheap way when the female wrestlers told the committee their harassment stories.

"He (Dutt) also told a female wrestler to not make the smal matters like sexual harassment a big issue. If you want then tell me, I will see to it. Yogeshwar also leaked the names of the female wrestlers to media and Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. He also phoned parents of the female wrestlers and told them to keep their daughters away from controversies. He was a part of two such committees despite giving statements against the wrestlers," wrote Vinesh.

Vinesh went on add that Dutt has always made ugly statements whenever a farmer, a soldier, students, muslims and sikhs have raised their voice. She said that Dutt lost elections twice because of his same stance. Vinesh challenges Dutt that he is never going to win election as he is a 'poisnous snake' and the society never votes for one.