UFC 294: Fans React After Anshul Jubli Gets Bewildered By Mike Breeden - Watch

UFC 294: Anshul Jubli lost his first fight in the UFC against Mike Breeden in Abu Dhabi.

UFC 294: Fans React After Anshul Jubli Gets Bewildered By Mike Breeden - Watch Source: Twitter

Anshul 'King Of Lions' Jubli created history by stepping into the UFC octagon on Saturday (October 21) in Abu Dhabi and he made sure he made his country proud on his journey to his debut fight in the UFC. Fighting against an experienced and seasoned fighter like Mike Breeden, Jubli displayed great composure with a mixed bag of body punches and jabs to his opponent's face. However, Mike used his experience and got the better of Ansul Jubli in the third round by knocking him out. Jubli had the fight in his belt but in the end, his nerves played a huge role in his defeat.

Take a look at the fight analysis here:

Round 1 - The first round was pretty much with both the fighters as they were seen taking a good look at each other's reach. Both of the fighters exchanged some serious blows in round one and as per our belief, Jubli got the first one in his favor. (EXCLUSIVE: Tutor Turned Fighter; How Anshul Jubli Became Poster Boy Of Indian MMA, Read All About His Journey)

Round 2 - Started off with an early attack plan from Jubli, Mike Breeden toyed with the Indian fighter in the last 3 minutes of that round. Breeden already had an injury to his eyebrow to which Anshul took some advantage targeting it but the American fighter seemed to rule the center stage of the octagon in round 3.

Round 3 - It was a strange one as Breeden literally psyched Anshul Jubli and in the end, it finished with a knockout resulting in the Indian fighter's first loss in his professional career. Mike was literally barking at Jubli in the middle of the ring and doing all sorts of talking to the fighter to get into his mind. To be specific, Mike Breeden got into Anshul Jubli's head who surely was feeling the pressure of his debut.

Fans were heartbroken after the result and here are the social media reactions...

In the last round, Anshul engaged in a grapple and delivered a knee strike. Breeden fired back a few pointed jabs. He then hitted Anshul several times as he letted his guard down. For the Indian, things didn't seem promising. For some reason, Anshul was having trouble avoiding everything Breeden throwing at him. The official confirmation revealed that Jubli won the first two rounds against Mike Breeden.