EXCLUSIVE: Anshul Jubli Reveals What Fueled Him Up To Win Road To UFC

Anshul Jubli is hoping to make his UFC debut this year.

EXCLUSIVE: Anshul Jubli Reveals What Fueled Him Up To Win Road To UFC Image source: Twitter

New Delhi: Two months have passed since the 28-year-old fighter known as the 'King of Lions' - Anshul Jubli, won the Road to UFC finals. Unarguably, Jubli is the face of Indian MMA and he is all set to unleash himself on the biggest MMA stage - the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) soon. Anshul is hoping to make his UFC debut by the end of this year.

The famous clip of Jubli roaring, "Namaste UFC, India is here!" went viral after he won the Road to UFC and became the first Indian to sign a contract with the biggest industry in the fighting business. Recently, Anshul opened up about his journey with a Zeenews journalist in a one-on-one interaction in Delhi.
It's hard to believe that the fighter who was born in Uttarakhand's Uttarkashi took MMA seriously in 2018 and now he's the poster boy of Indian MMA. 

When asked about what was his idealogy before starting MMA, Anshul revealed, "I started doing MMA in 2015 to collect certificates because I was preparing myself for Combined Defence Services (CDA) Examination. I knew I will not do good or extremely outstanding in my studies so I decided to start fighting so I could show my selectors that I was doing this during my free time."

After 3 years, Jubli realized that he is really good at what he was doing rather than what he was planning to do in the future so he shifted his focus to MMA in 2018 purely. To be accurate, Anshul realized he can get much better results after some time.

Jubli defeated Jeka Saragih of Indonesia in the final of Road to UFC in Las Vegas this year. At the camp (Las Vegas), Anshul was considered an underdog following his Indian genetics of course. He even revealed that the talks about Indians at the UFC camp were really not so respectful. He revealed he heard murmurs about the fact that people were expecting the Indian fighters to be the highlights of their show's trailer getting knocked or choked. That fact helped him get the best out of him and he went on to win the tournament shocking a lot of people.

Opening up on his partnership with Timex, Anshul also expressed his gratitude towards the brand for supporting him before winning the UFC contract.


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"I would like to thank Timex for supporting me when I was not that big of a deal. Right now, I have won the Road to UFC but when this company decided to support me, it boosted my morale that such a company is ready to invest in me so I am a big deal and I have to achieve the things expected from me."