'Congress Puppets': Babita Phogat Slams Wrestlers Sakshi Malik, Satyawart Kadian Over Their Sensational Claim

Sisters Sakshi Malik and Babita Phogat got engaged into war of words on social media over a sensational claim made by protesting wrestlers that the BJP leader signed a letter of permission for sit-in at Jantar Mantar.

'Congress Puppets': Babita Phogat Slams Wrestlers Sakshi Malik, Satyawart Kadian Over Their Sensational Claim Source: Twitter

Former wrestler and Bhariya Janta Party (BJP) leader Babita Phogat slammed wrestlers Sakshi Malik and Satyawart Kadian over sensational claims made in a video statement by them on Saturday. Phogat, who is a Commonwealth Games gold medallist, wrote on social media that Sakshi and her husband have become puppets of Congress. She alleged that protesting wrestlers met Congress leaders instead of meeting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and believing in the judicial system of the country. 

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What did Sakshi and Satyawart say in their video statement?

Sakshi and Satyawart released a video on Saturday to clarify the stance of the wrestlers over the protests to oust current president of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. They said that wrestlers' fight is not against the government but Bruj Bhushan. The two wrestlers also stated that their protest is not politcally motivated. Satywart said the wrestlers had taken the permission of police for the protest at Jantar Mantar using a letter signed by two BJP leaders, one of them being Babita. The other BJP leader who signed the letter was, as per wrestler, Tirath Rana. 

"Let me make it clear that our protest is not politically-motivated. We came (to Jantar Mantar) in January, and permission was taken by two BJP leaders seeking police permission," Kadian said and asked Malik to show the letter, seeking permission for the protest. This (protest) is not Congress supported....more than 90 per cent people (in the wrestling fraternity) knew that for the last 10-12 years, it (harassment and intimidation) has been going on. A few people wanted to raise their voices but the wrestling fraternity was not united," he said.

Babita's reply

Babita posted a statement on her Facebook account, denying that she has ever signed a letter for protestors seeking permission from police to protest. She said that after watching the video of her younger sister and her 'Patidev', she felt bad but also had a good laugh over it. 

Babita wrote, "Don't say such a thing that you have to hide after saying it, my friend. Yesterday, I felt very sad and laughed too when I was watching the video of my younger sister and her husband. First of all, I want to make it clear that the permission paper which the younger sister (Malik) was showing did not have my signature or my name anywhere on it. There is no proof of consent and neither is it remotely my concern."

The BJP leader said that she had been asking the protesting wrestlers to meet the PM and have faith on the judicial system in the country but they went to Congress leaders instead. 

"I have been saying from day one that have faith in the honorable Prime Minister and the judicial system of the country. The truth will definitely come out. Being a female player, I was always with all the players of the country, I am with and will always be with, but I was not in favour of this thing from the beginning of the protest. I have repeatedly told all the wrestlers that they must meet prime minister or the home minister, and they will have their solution. But instead, they asked help from Congress leaders Priyanka Gandhi, Deepender Hooda and others, who themselves are guilty of rape and other cases,” she added.

Babita went on call the protesting wrestlers 'puppets of Congress'. She also said that their threat to immerse the medals in river Ganga has embarrassed the country. 

"The people of the country are now getting a clear image of your intentions. Your protest during the new Parliament inauguration day and the threat of immersing medals in the Ganga has embarrassed the country… The people of the country have understood that you have become a puppet in the hands of the Congress…Now the time has come that you should tell your real intention,” Babita further wrote.