Watch: The smallest and farthest full moon of 2016!

Watch: The smallest and farthest full moon of 2016!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Today is a memorable day for skygazers. Tonight, if you step outside and watch the sky you are going to witness a rare celestial phenomena called 'Mini moon' which occurs once in 15 years.

The moon will become smaller than its usual size and reportedly look pink in colour.

NASA named April's full moon as 'Pink moon' after wild ground phlox flower- one of the earliest widespread flower to bloom in the spring.

This full moon will be the smallest full moon of the year because moon will be at lunar apogee- when moon is at farthest point in its orbit of the Earth.

The size of the mini moon will be 14% smaller than the size of supermoons- a phenomena when the moon is at closest point of the eath or perigee.

The next 'Mini moon' will occur on December 10, 2030.

The video below beautifully explains the rare 'Mini moon' phenomena.

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