Salman Khan acquitted of all charges in 2002 hit-and-run case: As it happened


Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been acquitted of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case by The Bombay High Court. The verdict finally came out in Salman's favour.

Here the live updates: 

10 December 2015
18:05 IST

Unlike he did in May, Salman has not come out of his balcony as yet to wave at his fans.

17:35 IST

Fans await Salman to wave outside for them from the balcony.

17:10 IST

Salman Khan arrives at his residence.

16:57 IST

Salman Khan  tweets first time after Bombay High Court acquits him in 2002 hit-and-run case.

16:52 IST

Salman en route his residence at Galaxy Apartments.

16:51 IST

Salman's sister Alvira and bodyguard Shera accompanied him while leaving Bombay HC.

16:49 IST

Salman walk out from Bombay High Court as a free man.

16:37 IST

Salman Khan leaves Bombay HC after his bail bond gets cancelled.

16:28 IST

Sohail Khan reaches Galaxy Apartments.

16:17 IST

Want compensation, if we had money to appeal in higher courts then we would not be sleeping on footpath, says Abdullah, victim of 2002 hit-and-run case.

16:09 IST

Meanwhile, Bollywood hails the decision on Twitter. Subhash Ghai tweeted:


15:42 IST

Will decide further course of action after going through judgment copy: Ram Shinde, MoS Home Maharashtra

15:40 IST

Police men positioned outside Salman's residence at Galaxy Apartments.

15:30 IST

Salman accompanied by his family inside the courtroom: Reports

15:13 IST

Maharashtra govt will decide on further course of action in Salman case after examining High Court verdict, says CM Devendra Fadnavis.

15:12 IST

Salman Khan still inside the Bombay HC.

15:06 IST

Salman Khan fans celebrate in Bhopal after verdict comes out in his favour: Agency Reports

14:27 IST

Glad with the outcome, as it's a big relief: Salman's lawyer Amit Desai

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14:10 IST

Maharashtra government to appeal against the Bombay HC verdict: Reports

14:05 IST

Salman surrounded by his family members, breaks down after hearing the verdict. 

13:59 IST

Salman to stay in court till bail bond is cancelled.

13:49 IST

Maharashtra government to challenge HC verdict in Supreme Court.

13:47 IST

Bombay High Court acquits Salman Khan in the 2002 hit-and-run case, and quashes his conviction and 5-year sentence. 

13:46 IST

Salman shows no emotion on hearing acquittal verdict: TV reports

13:45 IST

After 13 years, Salman acquitted of all charges in 2002 hit-and-run case.

13:44 IST

Salman's passport to be returned: TV reports

13:42 IST

Big relief for Salman Khan, as Bombay HC acquits him of all charges.

13:36 IST

Salman Khan acquitted of all charges: HC

13:34 IST

Salman Khan inside courtroom.

13:19 IST

Salman reaches Bombay High Court.

13:13 IST

Father Salim Khan arrives in court ahead of Salman. 

13:13 IST

On the basis of evidence submitted by the prosecution, Salman cannot be convicted, the judge says while dictating verdict. 

13:07 IST

Bombay HC slams prosecution for faulty probe in case.

13:04 IST

Salman Khan likely to reach court in sometime.

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13:00 IST

Full verdict on Salman Khan case shortly.

12:49 IST

Bombay HC: Trial court erred in judgment

12:48 IST

Salman Khan's bodyguard arrives in court ahead of the actor.

12:44 IST

Final order when Salman arrives at court: Reports

12:41 IST

Judge says prosecution failed to prove case against Salman Khan: TV reports

12:39 IST

Investigation in the case highly deplorable, says HC: TV reports

12:38 IST

No evidence of drunkenness: HC

12:37 IST

Can't convict on basis of doubt: HC

12:32 IST

Entire evidence circumstantial, says HC.

12:26 IST

Patil's testimony inadmissable: HC

12:25 IST

Prosecution didn't establish the case: HC

12:23 IST

Judge resumes dictation of order: Reports

12:19 IST

Prosecution has failed on all counts: HC

12:13 IST

Security beefed up outside court, as actor expected to reach in an hour's time.

12:01 IST

Operative part of the order to be read once Salman is in court: TV reports

11:59 IST

Justice Joshi continues dictating order in 2002 hit-and-run case.

11:59 IST

Actor leaves from Karjat for Bombay High court: TV reports

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11:58 IST

Salman Khan to appear in court for verdict, reportedly.

11:57 IST

Salman might be present in court by 1-1.30 pm, reportedly.

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11:57 IST

Salman's sister Alvira Khan arrives in court.

11:56 IST

Security tightened outside the Bombay HC ahead of the verdict.

11:55 IST

HC asks Salman's lawyers to locate him and ensure he is present in court.

11:39 IST

HC to decide if Salman needs to appear in court.