Classic Bun To Long Locks: DIY Easy Hairstyles For The Upcoming Holiday Season

DIY holiday hairstyles that you can master at home, instead of sticking with your go-to hairstyles. 


Classic Bun To Long Locks: DIY Easy Hairstyles For The Upcoming Holiday Season Image for representation (Image Source: IANS)

As we are approaching the holiday season, it brings along with a frenzy of events and get-togethers. Let's not overlook our greatest asset—our hair, as we get ready for our outfits and makeup! Why not try these simple yet sophisticated DIY holiday hairstyles that you can master at home, instead of sticking with your go-to hairstyles? Brace yourself to shine at every event with these underrated yet gorgeous styles that can be done at home.

Classic Twisted Bun

There's nothing that exudes traditional elegance like a twisted bun. Initially, pull your hair back into a low ponytail and fasten it with a hair tie. Separate the ponytail into two halves, then twist each part in the same way. Now, create a gorgeous bun by encircling the twisted portions around one another.

For a look to compliment with a saree or lehenga, secure the hairstyle with bobby pins and release a few strands in the front. This adaptable look is ideal for several holiday events and gatherings since it goes well with anything, from cozy sweaters to party dresses.

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Braided Beauty

Braided hair never goes out of style! Part your hair in the center to start. Start a basic three-strand braid with a tiny portion of hair from one side. To make a Dutch braid that reaches your hairline, braid in extra hair from the outside portions as you go. On the opposite side, repeat the procedure. After both braids are finished, fasten them with a hair tie at the back of your head. This braided style is perfect for festive events since it gives your attire such as a Lucknowi Chikkankari suit or Salwar-Kameez, a sophisticated touch.

Floral Fantasy

Add a hint of nature to your hairstyle. Start by braiding your hair overnight or using a curling iron to create loose waves in it. As soon as your waves are ready, collect a tiny portion from the front and braid it loosely, pinning it in place at the back. Now, add a whimsical touch by tucking tiny flowers or floral accessories around the braided part. This bohemian-inspired hairdo is ideal for any holiday occasion since it goes well with both traditional and modern attire.

Stunning Jada for Long Locks

Savor the elegance of a classic South Indian Jada if you have long hair. Make a center parting in your hair and style it into two high ponytails on each side. Begin braiding every ponytail strand, then fasten the ends with traditional Jada pins or vibrant hair ties. Let your braids fall naturally down your back for a stately and elegant appearance. This look looks great with silk sarees and is sure to draw attention at any holiday party.

The Half-Up, Half-Down

Combine the grace of an updo with the ease of flowing hair to create a majestic appearance. To add volume and structure to your hair, start by curling it. Next, remove a little portion of hair from the top of each ear on either side of your head, and tie or pin it back with an ornamental hairpin. This sleek and elegant look showcases the beauty of your hair in a half-up, half-down style.

A good hairdo can give you the confidence boost you've always desired, and healthy, attractive hair can also enhance your look. You might even be able to feel good about yourself and tackle challenges that previously felt overwhelming through this extra confidence boost! You can quickly add a dash of elegance and culture to your festive appearance with these five simple hairstyles. You can become the life of the party whether you choose a traditional bun, braided beauty, flowery fantasy, regal half-up, half-down, or magnificent jada. So prepare to dazzle this holiday season by gathering your style supplies and accessories!