Sikkim: Indian Army Rescues 400 Tourists Stranded After Heavy Snowfall

The Indian Army helped the stranded tourists by providing them with medical aid, shelter, food, and warm clothing.

Sikkim: Indian Army Rescues 400 Tourists Stranded After Heavy Snowfall

New Delhi: In a large-scale rescue mission, the Indian Army provided shelter to 400 tourists in East Sikkim and took them to safety on Sunday (March 12) after they were stranded due to heavy snowfall. The tourists were reportedly returning to Gangtok from the Nathula and Tsomgo Lakes on Saturday (March 11) evening. The Indian Army provided shelter, medical aid, warm clothing, and food to the stranded tourists.

According to the police, approximately 900 tourists who were travelling back to the Sikkim capital from Nathula and Tsomgo Lake on Saturday evening were stuck due to heavy snowfall.

This unexpected delay affected 89 vehicles, and authorities were working with the Army to conduct a safe evacuation process. Fifteen vehicles had been rescued by Saturday evening, the heavy snow was being cleared gradually.

Consequently, it was uncertain when the remaining vehicles could leave for Gangtok, which was 42 km away. The police officer stated that some of the tourists might have to spend the night in a nearby campsite belonging to the Army. Nonetheless, the Army had assured that they would provide all necessary assistance to the stranded tourists.

The administration had stopped issuing passes for Nathula and Tsomgo Lake for several days recently due to the heavy snowfall that had occurred in East Sikkim. This situation also contributed to the unexpected delay experienced by the tourists.

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