No Lungi Or Nightie In Society: Bizarre Dress Code In Noida Highrise Leaves Residents Perplexed

A society in Phi-2, Greater Noida has come up with a new rule - men can't wear lungis while women can't wear nighties in common areas within the society like parks, community halls, and other places. This has evoked a strong response. 

No Lungi Or Nightie In Society: Bizarre Dress Code In Noida Highrise Leaves Residents Perplexed

If you lived in this society in Greater Noida, you would be barred from using common areas and park facilities wearing a maxi or a lungi if you are a woman or a man respectively. The Residents' welfare association (RWA) of Himsagar Society in Phi-2, Greater Noida has urged its resident to be mindful of their attire. 

Dated June 10, the circular was issued by the Himsagar Apartment AOA and it soon went viral on social media. Through the notice, the RWA  requested the residents to not step out of their flats wearing lungis and nighties. The notice was shared widely on social media and was severely criticised online with netizens calling out the RWA for trying to police people for their choice of clothes.

"This is a good decision taken by society and everyone must respect it, there is nothing to oppose. If women wear nighties and roam around, that will be uncomfortable for men, and if men wear lungis that would be uncomfortable for women as well, so we need to respect each other," Abhishek, a resident of the society, was quoted as saying by ANI. 


Soon after the circular went viral, a series of comments were posted on social media. "What is meant by lungi? South Indian's do wear Mundu or veshti which is very similar to lungi but also a formal garment - only white in colour. Is that banned too?" asked one user.  Others commented that people are free to wear what they want to wear and RWAs can't impose their rules on them. Some netizens, however, agreed that this was a good decision. 

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