Making Tech Simpler with Techworm- Abhishek Kumar Jha

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Making Tech Simpler with Techworm- Abhishek Kumar Jha

It takes great courage to step on a less travelled path and reach the pinnacle of success with little to no help from anybody. 

Abhishek Kumar Jha is a proficient digital marketer who carved a place for himself in the tech industry by creating numerous successful technology centric websites.

Today, he is managing multiple social media pages dedicated to technology and cybersecurity along with overseeing the complete work calendar on his first ever blog site founded in 2013 Techworm.

Abhishek Kumar Jha hails from Madhubani, a small town in the state of Bihar. He was a computer fanatic who loved to explore the internet and share his findings with others.

He started as a hobby, just to get a taste of tech blogging. Stars aligned, and just after six months of launching the website his work was shared by several mainstream technology media outlets.

Abhishek Kumar Jha managed his college studies along with devoting equal time to his blog. In the process of writing and exploring the latest advancements in technology, operating systems, smartphones and other relevant gadgets, he became a proficient tech blogger.

Since its inception Techworm has been providing detailed information on tech news, how to use, reviews, tips and tricks, etc. Techworm has an enormous organic user base with a monthly traffic of 7million plus readers, who love to read everything published on the website and interact with other readers as well.

In the initial phase, Abhishek Kumar Jha managed everything from maintaining the website, to creating backlinks, and publishing high quality posts. Now, he has a team of dexterous writers and website managers who maintain the content quality of the website.

Abhishek Kumar Jha recently started, a niche website that is doing excellent. Apart from being a tech blogger, Abhishek also has great passion for SEO and everything that revolves around it. 

Numerous brands and individuals have witnessed growth in their online presence thanks to the SEO strategies and social media marketing tips shared by Abhishek.

Another unnamed project is currently under development and is already showing signs of success, only because of the vision of Abhishek Kumar Jha.

All his blogs are aimed at beginners, who know little to nothing about computers and tech. His aim is to provide quality information without levying any charge on the visitors.

Abhishek has a substantial number of followers on social media, around 4 million to be exact, who engage with him on a daily basis to laud him for his efforts and share the tech problems faced by them.

He registered his company 'Techworm Online Media Private Limited' two years back and is planning an expansion into other feasible niche websites as well.



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