Life of Paw! Dolphin saves dog from drowning into sea- WATCH

A video of a dolphin saving the life of a dog stranded in the sea is going viral on social media.

Life of Paw! Dolphin saves dog from drowning into sea- WATCH

Dolphins are consistently the world's most selfless animals. Videos of dolphins never fail to amuse viewers, despite the fact that most people are not familiar with this aquatic mammal. A video of a dolphin rescuing and re-boarding a stranded dog has gone viral on the internet. The footage was purportedly captured by the dog's owner and shows how the giant fish saved the life of the dog, who was definitely scared.

The dolphin is shown in this video carrying the dog above its body to keep him from drowning. The large fish swims as quickly as it can to save the paw and return it to the boat's safety. THESE girls take ‘Kala Chashma’ trend to another level, netizens SHOCKED!- Watch Video

The owner of the pet dog earlier posted the video online, and it has already received more than 21 lakh views and 3 lakh retweets. A user commented, “Animals helping other animals, from humans to turtles, is more than kindness it's a basic instinct. There are so many hundreds of examples. Surprised at that”. Another user wrote, “Dolphins do the kindest things for other species. We could all learn from them in that regard”.


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