#IndiaAt75: These nations share their independence day with India

Countries including Bahrain, North Korea, South Korea, the Republic of Congo, and Liechtenstein share their independence day with India.

#IndiaAt75: These nations share their independence day with India

New Delhi: 75 years ago, India got independence from imperial British rule. But it was not easy to achieve this independence as the British had ruled India for 190 years before exiting the country. August 15 is an important date for the world as many nations have got independence. As the country approaches its independence day, let's take a look at nations that share joy and liberty with the Republic of India.



The British government announced the withdrawal of their troops in the east of Suez in the early 1960s. Bahrain declared independence from British rule on August 15, 1971.

Although August 14 is the actual date on which Bahrain gained its independence from the British, the kingdom does not celebrate or mark that date. Bahrain celebrates December 16 as its National Day.



Liechtenstein celebrates its National Day on August 15. It has been celebrated since 1940. It is closely connected to the birthday of Prince Franz-Josef II on August 16. 


North and South Korea:

August 15 is the National Liberation Day of Korea. It is a holiday celebrated annually in both North and South Korea. It commemorates the 'Victory over Japan Day'. It is the day when Imperial Japan surrendered in World War II. 

The US and Soviet forces ended the long-lasting Japanese occupation of Korea. Apparently, it is the only Korean public holiday celebrated by both North and South Korea.


Republic of Congo:

The Republic of Congo got independence on August 15. The nation was colonised for over 80 years by French rule. The Republic of Congo received its independence in 1960. It is also known as 'Congolese National Day'.



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