Tripura Election Results 2023: BJP-IPFT Alliance Wins 33 Seats; Congress Confined To Three, CHECK Constituency-Wise Full List Of Winners

Full List Of Winners, Seat-Wise Winning Candidates Of BJP, LEFT, TIPRA, CONGRESS: According to the Election Commission, the ruling BJP has won the majority with 32 seats as it crosses the halfway point of the 60-member Assembly. The CPI(M) won 11 seats, but the Congress holds the advantage in three. Following today's election results, the royal heir Pradyot Kishore's TIPRA Motha party, which won 13 seats, has established itself as the kingmaker in Tripura. Except for a "Greater Tipraland," the BJP has stated that it is willing to concede to all of Tipra Motha's demands.

  • Today will see the results of the 60 Tripura Assembly constituencies that held elections.
  • By the close of the day on March 2, the Election Commission will announce the Tripura Election Result 2023.
  • According to early trends, the BJP is leading in Tripura by winning 30 of the state's 60 seats.

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Tripura Election Results 2023: BJP-IPFT Alliance Wins 33 Seats; Congress Confined To Three, CHECK Constituency-Wise Full List Of Winners Full List Of Winners, Seat-Wise Winning Candidates Of BJP, LEFT, TIPRA

Tripura Election Results: Despite opposition from a coalition of Leftist parties and the Congress, as well as a second challenger in the shape of Pradyot Debbarma's TIPRA Motha, the BJP-IPFT succeeded in maintaining its hold on power in Tripura. Tripura was a tight race, and the BJP+ barely surpassed the majority threshold of 31. With the Tipra Motha winning 13 seats, the Left+ Congress lost ground to the BJP+, which won just 14 seats, guaranteed that the BJP took power on its own. The TIPRA Motha was still contacted by the local BJP leadership, who stated that all of their requests were welcome with the exception of the one for "Greater Tipraland."

The BJP was led to success for a second term in Tripura by Manik Saha, who was expected to be elected as chief minister of Tripura for another term. Despite critics forecasting a 'tough time' for him in the elite state, the former Congress leader who switched to the saffron party two and half years ago defeated Ashish Kumar Saha, the veteran leader of his former party, by a margin of 1,257 votes. It has been a quick but upward journey for Saha, a 69-year-old dental surgeon turned politician, from his joining the saffron party in 2016 to his appointment as chief minister in a brand renewal operation last year.

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At eight in the morning today, the counting of votes for the Tripura assembly poll began. There were 21 counting sites for the Tripura Assembly, which has a total of 60 seats. The destiny of 14 assembly constituencies was decided at the Umakanta Academy, which is located in the centre of the city of Agartala. There are slightly more than 28 lakh electors overall.

Tripura Election Results 2023: Performance Of Top Contenders

Check Performance Of Top 10 Contenders:

  • CPI(M) state secretary Jitendra Chaudhury wins Sabroom seat.
  • State Congress president Birajit Sinha wins Kailashahar seat
  • Town Bordowali is won by Tripura's chief minister Manik Saha.
  • Jishnu Deb Barman, the deputy chief minister, lost the Charilam constituency.
  • Sanjoy Manik wins the Karbook seat by a margin of 4447 votes.
  • Left candidate Nirmal Biswas wins from Khowai seat.
  • Sushanta Deb of the BJP defeats Pratha Pratim Majumder of the CPM to capture the Bishalgarh constituency.
  • Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath wins Mohanpur seat
  • After the final round of voting, CPM candidate Nayan Sarkar defeated Krishnadhan Das, a sitting MLA for the BJP, by a majority of 1854 votes in the Bamutia constituency of Northern Agartala. Das received 17,665 ballots compared to Sarkar's 19519 votes.
  • Congressman Sudip Roy Barman wins from Agartala.

Election Commission

With 32 seats in the 60-member Legislature, the Election Commission reports that the BJP, which is currently in power, has secured a majority. Although the CPI(M) gained 11 seats, the Congress triumphed at 3. With 13 seats gained in today's election, the TIPRA Motha party of Pradyot Kishore, the royal heir, has become Tripura's kingmaker.

On March 22, the current Tripura Legislative Assembly sitting will come to an end. Therefore, the state's administration should be fully established before then. Here you can see all the information about which party gets how many seats in Tripura Chunav Results in 2023 out of 60 assembly constituencies. Also, the complete details of which MLAs have been elected from which constituencies can also be seen on the page below.

Full List Of Winners, Seat-Wise Winning Candidates

S.NO Constituency Name Winning Candidate’s Name and Party Name
1 Simna (ST) Brishaketu Debbarma (TIPRA) WON
2 Mohanpur Ratan Lal Nath (BJP) WON
3 Bamutia (SC) Nayan Sarkar (Left) WON
4 Barjala (SC) Sudip Sarkar (Left) Won
5 Khayerpur Ratan Chakraborty (BJP) WON
6 Agartala Sudip Roy Barman (Cong) WON
7 Ramnagar Surajit Datta (BJP) WON
8 Town Bordowali Manik Saha ( BJP) WON
9 Banamalipur Gopal Chandra Roy (Cong) Won
10 Majlishpur Sushanta Chowdhury (BJP) WON
11 Mandaibazar(ST) Swapna Debbarma (TIPRA) WON
12 Takarjala (ST) Biswajit Kalai (TIPRA) WON
13 Pratapgarh (SC) Ramu Das (Left) Won
14 Badharghat (SC) Mina Rani Sarkar (BJP) WON
15 Kamalasagar Antara Sarkar Deb (BJP) WON  
16 Bishalgarh Sushanta Deb (BJP) WON
17 Golaghati (ST) Manab Debbarma (TIPRA) WON
18 Suryamaninagar Ram Prasad Paul (BJP) Won
19 Charilam (ST) Subodh Debbarma (BJP) WON
20 Boxanagar Samsul Haque (Left) WON
21 Nalchar (SC) Kishor Barman (BJP) Won
22 Sonamura Shyamal Chakraborty (Left) WON
23 Dhanpur Pratima Bhoumik (BJP) Won
24 Ramchandraghat(ST) Ranjit Debbarma (TIPRA) WON
25 Khowai Nirmal Biswas (Left) WON
26 Asharambari(ST) Animesh Debbarma (TIPRA) WON
27 Kalyanpur-Pramodenagar Pinaki Das Chowdhury (BJP) WON
28 Teliamura Kalyani Saha Roy (BJP) WON
29 Krishnapur (ST) Bikash Debbarma (BJP) Won
30 Bagma (ST) Ram Pada Jamatia (BJP) WON
31 Radhakishorpur Pranajit Singha Roy (BJP) WON
32 Matarbari Abhishek Debroy (BJP) Won
33 Kakraban-Salgarh (SC) Jitendra Majumder (BJP) WON
34 Rajnagar (SC) Swapna Majumdar (BJP) Won
35 Belonia Dipankar Sen (Left) Won
36 Santirbazar (ST) Pramod Reang (BJP) WON
37 Hrishyamukh Asoke Ch. Mitra (Left) WON
38 Jolaibari (ST) Sukla Charan Noatia (IPFT) WON
39 Manu (ST) Mailafru Mog (BJP) WON
40 Sabroom Jitendra Chaudhury (Left) WON
41 Ampinagar (ST) Pathan Lal Jamatia (TIPRA) WON
42 Amarpur Ranjit Das (BJP) WON
43 Karbook (ST) Sanjoy Manik Tripura (TIPRA) WON
44 Raima Valley(ST) Nandita Debbarma (TIPRA) Won
45 Kamalpur Manoj Kanti Deb (BJP) WON
46 Surma (SC) Swapna Das Paul ( BJP) WON
47 Ambassa (ST) Chitta Ranjan Debbarma (TIPRA) WON
48 Karmachhara(ST) Paul Dangshu (TIPRA) WON
49 Chawmanu(ST) Sambhu Lal Chakma (BJP) Won
50 Pabiachhara(SC) Bhagaban Chnadra Das (BJP) WON
51 Fatikroy (SC) Sudhangshu Das (BJP) WON
52 Chandipur Tinku Roy (BJP) WON
53 Kailashahar Birajit Sinha (Cong) WON
54 Kadamtala-Kurti Islam Uddin (Left) WON
55 Bagbassa Jadab Lal Debnath (BJP) WON
56 Dharmanagar Biswa Bandhu Sen (BJP) WON
57 Jubarajnagar Sailendra Chandra Nath (Left) WON
58 Panisagar Binay Bhushan Das (BJP) WON
59 Pencharthal (ST) Santana Chakma (BJP) Won
60 Kanchanpur (ST) Philip Kumar Reang (TIPRA) WON

In India, there will be Lok Sabha elections in 2024. Naturally, the party that does well in the state assembly elections is thought to be far ahead in the national general elections.

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