'Black Magic, Witchcraft can't earn the TRUST...': PM Modi ATTACKS Rahul Gandhi for THIS

The Congress, on Aug 5, had protested against price rise by donning black outfits in Parliament and outside.

'Black Magic, Witchcraft can't earn the TRUST...': PM Modi ATTACKS Rahul Gandhi for THIS

Panipat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched a fresh broadside against Congress, terming its "black cloth" protest against price rise as 'black magic' that will not be able to win them the confidence of people again.

After dedicating to the nation the Rs 900 crore-second generation ethanol plant at Panipat, Modi also said that freebies are a spoke in India's effort to become self-reliant and also a burden on taxpayers.

Without naming Congress, he said some people out of frustration resorted to black magic on August 5.

"On August 5, we saw how some people tried to spread 'black magic'. These people think that by wearing black clothes they can end their despondency. But they do not know that by engaging in witchcraft, black magic and superstition, they cannot earn the trust of people again," Modi said.

The Congress protested against price rise by wearing black clothes in Parliament and outside as part of a nationwide protest on August 5.

"Some people think wearing black cloths can ward off their pessimism and negativity but they don't know that they can resort to any such tactics but can't win back people's confidence," he said.

In an apparent reference to the Congress, Modi also said that "black magic cannot end your bad days".

The prime minister also attacked certain opposition parties for engaging in politics of freebies, saying such things would only do a disservice to the nation as it hampers investment in new technology.

He said that if there is selfishness in politics, then anybody can even promise free petrol and diesel.

"Such steps will amount to depriving our children of their due and prevent the country from becoming self sufficient. Such selfish policies will put more burden on honest tax payers of the country," Modi said

Those who promise freebies will never will able to find resources for investment in new technologies, he said. "This is not a right policy but misleading one; this is not in national interest but it is against the nation; this is not nation building but an effort to push back the country".


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