Dr Manohar Chintoji explains how to calm your anxious heart

It is important to calm down your heart when it is anxious

Dr Manohar Chintoji explains how to calm your anxious heart

Calm your anxious heart

Scientific research suggests there is a relationship between anxiety and heart disease. Anxiety can have negative long-term effects on heart health, which could eventually lead to heart disease.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress that can often prompt us to be more cautious and keep us out of danger.  While anxiety, stress, and nervousness can be a normal part of life, chronic and persistent anxiety that begins to affect normal daily functions is known as an anxiety disorder.

Research suggests physiological changes that come with chronic anxiety could have a lasting, negative impact on the cardiovascular system by putting extra strain on the heart. These changes include rapid heart rate, increase in blood pressure, disturbed sleep patterns, and lack of sleep.

Also, people with anxiety often respond to stressors in ways like smoking, drinking alcohol or overeating that can be detrimental to heart health.

However, the good news is anxiety is treatable. Seeking treatment for anxiety is an important act of self-care that will benefit long-term mental health, emotional health, and HEART health.

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