Gurugram Hit-And-Run Case: With Broken Side Mirror, Metal Part, How A Father Tracked Down His Son’s Killer

This is the story of Jitender Chaudhary, a Wazirabad-based businessman, and his relentless pursuit of justice for his son killed in a hit-and-run case nearly eight years ago. 

Gurugram Hit-And-Run Case: With Broken Side Mirror, Metal Part, How A Father Tracked Down His Son’s Killer

NEW DELHI: In a relentless pursuit of justice spanning eight years, Jitender Chaudhary, a Wazirabad-based businessman, unearthed critical evidence that led to the reopening of the hit-and-run case involving his son's tragic death in Gurugram.

Broken Side Mirror, Metal Piece

Chaudhary's quest began at the accident site in Sector 57 near Railway Vihar, where he discovered a broken side mirror and a metal part believed to be from the vehicle that hit his son and then fled the spot. Undeterred by initial setbacks, he tirelessly approached car workshops, revealing the side mirror's link to a Maruti Suzuki Swift VDi.

Maruti's Assistance, Legal Battle

After months of persistent efforts, Chaudhary, with help from Maruti, identified the car's registration number using the batch number on the mirror. Despite submitting the details to the police, the investigation stalled. Frustrated, he turned to the legal system, filing petitions under Section 156(3) and Section 173(8) of the CrPC, facing obstacles but unwavering in his pursuit.

Re-Opening Of The Case

Challenges persisted in the court, with dismissals and Covid posing threats to Chaudhary's pursuit. However, in January 2023, he sought action against the vehicle owner. JMIC Vikrant's observation that the "untraced" report was accepted unlawfully prompted a re-examination of the case. The court, condemning police negligence, ordered a re-investigation.

Court Reprimands Police

Despite court directives, police inertia persisted, prompting severe reprimands from JMIC Vikrant, who initiated a departmental inquiry against the officers involved. Finally, last week, a chargesheet was filed against Gyan Chand, the vehicle's owner. The police, now compelled by the court's orders, expressed commitment to a thorough investigation.

A Father's Quest For Justice

Jitender Chaudhary, despite enduring years of struggle and lapses in the probes, remains hopeful. "After a series of shoddy probes and lapses, I hope that the man who killed my son is finally arrested and brought to justice soon," he stated, reflecting the enduring spirit of a father seeking closure for his son's untimely demise.