Sunil Chettri speaks on hardships players are facing due to Covid-19 pandemic

Indian football team captain Sunil Chettri tweets about the hardships players are facing due to the Covid-19 Bio-bubble protocols.

Sunil Chettri speaks on hardships players are facing due to Covid-19 pandemic Sunil Chettri.(Source: Twitter)

FC Bengaluru forward Sunil Chhetri on Saturday talked about the hardships of bio-bubble life and how COVID-19 cases in the Indian Super League (ISL) bubble have affected the players. Chhetri's remark came as the organizers postponed Bengaluru FC's clash against ATK Mohun Bagan looking at the severity of the COVID-19 breakout.

"At 3.00 pm on a game day, the gears begin to switch in anticipation of kick off. Instead, here we are, in our rooms wishing things around could have been better. It's a difficult season. It was always going to be one," tweeted Chhetri.

In another tweet, Chhetri said: "Only if you're in the bubble, will you know how hard and frustrating this is. You're away from family for half a year, cooped up in a room, anything outdoors is a luxury, there's no change in setting to help you shake off a bad result - I could go on."

The India football skipper also said that one cannot train for the experience of bubble life and it is one sacrifice every player is making in order to play the game they love."To any ISL player, across clubs, nationalities and experience - I'm up for a chat if you need one. We don't have to talk football. Drop me a message if you feel like it, and we'll make it happen. The season, table, wins and losses will take care of themselves when they have to," tweeted Chhetri.Bengaluru FC is currently in the seventh spot in ISL standings with 13 points from 11 games while ATK Mohun Bagan is in the fifth spot.

On Saturday, FC Goa's Edu Bedia had slammed the organisers of the ISL, labelling the tournament as an `adulterated competition` after the game between ATK Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC was postponed due to COVID-19 cases."Yesterday we played with 9 casualties due to covid. Today, for the second consecutive match, another team suspended its game for the same reason. Can someone explain this to me? Adulterated competition," Bedia wrote on his Instagram story.

"Players are losing interest and the desire to continue to compete. They continue to play to collect their contracts without any ambition. This is what has been achieved with this year's rules. Whether you like it or not, all the people inside the bio-bubble just want March to come and the league to end, whatever the outcome," he added.

The ISL is being staged in Goa and the competition is going ahead behind closed doors.