Explained: Real Madrid's Stinging 1-Liner Reply To Barca's 35 Min Presser Amid Referee Fixing Allegations

La Liga: Things are not calm in Spain between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona after the Catalan club President Joan Laporta's controversial press conference.

Explained: Real Madrid's Stinging 1-Liner Reply To Barca's 35 Min Presser Amid Referee Fixing Allegations Source: Twitter

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid's rivalry is getting bitter and bitter since the Catalan club's president Joan Laporta termed Los Blancos as a "team of the regime" under former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. Laporta took a dig at Madrid claiming the club has been favoured by referees historically.

Recently, Laporta came forward to explain the situation about the refereeing scandal FC Barcelona were linked to with Enriquez Negreira, following accusations of making a payment of €7 million (£6m) over 18 years to the vice president of Spain's refereeing committee.

However, he also took a dig at Real Madrid suggesting that the club was always benefitted by the officials during Franco's 36-year reign between the year 1939 to 1975.

Real Madrid did not take much to reply at Laporta's claims with a captionless post on their social media handles on Monday. 

"Which is the team of the regime?," the four-minute video started with this text. (READ: How Cristiano Ronaldo's Ketchup Advice Helped Liverpool's Diogo Jota End His 1-Year Goal Drought)

To understand this story better, first lets take you through what Laporta actually said in that controversial press conference.

"Laporta gave a press conference yesterday (60 days later), to explain the case of Barcelona's payments to Negreira, who was the president of the Referees' Committee," explained Eurosport (Spanish expert) Felix Martin.

'Laporta, perhaps as a communication strategy, and to divert attention, made a statement that has been very viral saying that Real Madrid was the main favoured team during the Franco regime, something to which Madrid responded with the video on social media," he added.

Here are some of the lines translated from Laporta's press conference:

"Everyone knows that Real Madrid is a club historically favoured by refereeing mistakes,” Laporta said in a stunning 35-minute speech.

"For seven decades the presidents of the referees have been ex-Madrid members, ex-players or ex-managers, sometimes all at the same time! For Madrid to add their name to the lawsuit is an unprecedented exercise in cynicism."

"Real Madrid say they feel they have been wronged. A club that has been favoured by refereeing decisions historically and now too. For whatever reasons. It has been considered the team of the regime."

"Barcelona has never carried out any action with the aim or intention of adulterating the competition in order to gain a sporting advantage," he explained. (READ: La Liga: Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona Rift In Full Flow Now, Read Details Here)

"The tax authorities have not been able to prove that the payments made could have affected any result. And they have not been able to prove it because it was not possible."

He added: “It is not criminally illegal to pay for advice. We did it with clarity and transparency. There are invoices that have been recorded in the club's accounts."

"The invoices are itemised by bank transfer and are documented in the club's accounts. There has been no intention to hide anything."

This season the El Clasico took place five times, with three games going FC Barcelona's way and two going Real Madrid's way. The most recent clash was the 4-0 win for Madrid at Camp Nou which knocked FC Barcelona out of the Copa del Rey.