How To Make The Perfect Christmas Cake? Check Recipe Here

Chef Supreet Ghai, Director of Culinary, ibis, shares recipes to make the delicious traditional Christmas cake. 

Christmas Cake

As the festive season approaches, the aroma of spices and sweetness fills the air, heralding the much-anticipated arrival of Christmas. At the heart of this joyous celebration sits the iconic Christmas cake, a culinary masterpiece that transcends generations and cultures. Adorned with a rich history, this delectable treat is not merely a confection but a symbol of tradition and togetherness.

Baked to perfection, Christmas cakes are a harmonious blend of flavors, combining fruits soaked in spirits, warm spices, and a velvety layer of icing that mirrors the winter's first snow. Families around the world come together to mix, stir, and bake this symbol of love and warmth, infusing each step with cherished memories and shared laughter.

But how do you make the perfect Christmas cake? Chef Supreet Ghai, Director of Culinary, ibis and ibis styles India, shares recipes to make the delicious traditional Christmas cake. 

Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe 


● 1 ½ cup seedless black raisins

● ¾ cup dates chopped finely

● ¼ cup apricot chopped finely

● ½ cup prunes chopped finely

● ¼ cup candied cherries chopped finely

● ½ cup kishmish / sultanas

● 1 cup dark rum


Take two 20 cm round cake pan. Line the base with parchment paper. Line the sides with parchment paper if needed. Preheat the oven to 180-degree C.


Take all dried fruits in a bowl, add in rum and mix well. Leave it to soak overnight or two months.


Take sugar in a sauce pan and cook till it is golden brown. Swirl the pan so the caramel is smooth. Pour in ¼ cup water and mix till the caramel is smooth. Set aside to cool.


In a mixing bowl, take flour, add salt and all the spice powders and mix well. This is your dry ingredients. Set aside.


Take butter, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and cream well. Add eggs and mix well. Add in half of the flour and half of caramel. Fold gently. Add remaining flour and remaining caramel and fold gently. Add soaked fruits and nuts and mix well. Now spoon this in your prepared baking pan and bake in the oven.


Garnish with your favourite fresh fruits, cinnamon powder, cinnamon sugar, berry compote, etc. 

Traditional fruit cake is baked many months ahead of Christmas. The cake is fed with more alcohol every week and let to mature. The matured cake is decorated on Christmas day, sliced and served.