Vijay Varma Roars In These 4 Unforgettable Scenes From Mystery-Thriller Dahaad

Actor Vijay Varma has been basking in glowing reviews for his performance as an antagonist in Prime Video's recent released web-series 'Dahaad'.

Vijay Varma Roars In These 4 Unforgettable Scenes From Mystery-Thriller Dahaad Photo courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Vijay Varma's latest streaming release 'Dahaad' on Prime Video has taken the town by storm, captivating audiences with its compelling and introspective narrative. Vijay's  exceptional talent shines throughout as he delves into the complexities of human nature, leaving viewers in awe of his versatility and ability to breathe life into intricate characters. From his meticulous preparation for the role to the powerful and unforgettable scenes, 'Dahaad' is an absolute must-watch. 

Here are four standout moments (spoiler alert) where Vijay's performance as 'Anand' continues to dominate conversations. 

Unforgettable dialogues on the nature of evil: Vijay Varma delivers two haunting dialogues about evil that resonate deeply with viewers. In one instance, amidst the vast desert, he poignantly describes how each grain of sand represents an evil committed by humanity. In another instance, he replaces the sand with a single particle of salt, evoking a profound reflection on the depths of human wickedness. Varma's delivery not only evokes powerful emotions but also showcases the transformative nature of his character, effortlessly adapting to his surroundings and captivating the audience's attention.

Anand's calculated trap: Anand's calculated scheme to trap Anjali leaves you on the edge of your seat, and your heart racing with anticipation. Vijay’s portrayal brilliantly captures the sheer brilliance and cunning of his character as he orchestrates a masterful plan to outsmart Anjali and fulfill his sinister desires. Each twist and turn in this scene showcases Vijay's exceptional acting prowess and makes it a gripping highlight of the series.


Exposing the love letter: Anand in yet another calculated move, exposes one of his student's love letter, in order to throw the police off from his scent. This reveals his intelligence and the extent to which he would go to enhance his social image or gain favor in his professional circle. Varma skillfully portrays the manipulative nature of his character, leaving all of us in awe of his ability to lead someone towards him for his personal gain.

Chilling Conversation with Sonakshi: The conversation between Anand and Sonakshi in the final episode sends shivers down your spine, exposing the true depths of his twisted psyche. Varma's mesmerizing portrayal unveils Anand's unsettling preference for targeting specific girls, revealing a shocking lack of remorse that will leave you questioning the darkness that resides within human hearts.

In conclusion, Vijay Varma's outstanding acting abilities in 'Dahaad' sparked excitement among viewers and hooked them with his spellbinding performances. The show itself has gained popularity, capturing viewers with its dark and thought-provoking narrative. Directed by Reema Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi, 'Dahaad' can be streamed on Prime Video in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.