Here are the TOP reasons why 'Saas Bahu Achaar' is a MUST watch!

‘Saas Bahu Aachar Pvt. Ltd' is 6-episode web series which will premiere on ZEE5 on July 8. 

Here are the TOP reasons why 'Saas Bahu Achaar' is a MUST watch!

NEW DELHI: After releasing the trailer of the much-awaited  trailer of the 'Saas Bahu Aachar Pvt. Ltd',  the 6-episode web series will premiere on ZEE5 on July 8. 

The story is based in the historic lanes of Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, 'Saas Bahu Aachar Pvt. Ltd' is the story of a woman, a mother who is ready to go to any extent for her kids. It revolves around Suman, a housewife from a small town, who embarks on an ambitious journey to become an entrepreneur and gain financial independence. She tries to kickstart her entrepreneurial journey by selling aachar however faces many hardships and realizes early on that this is not going to be an easy journey. She faces many hurdles, many issues, and many setbacks but never gives up.


TVF has magically created this amazing platform for this unbelievably exciting content over the years and again like this like one more gem in their crown.

As seen in the trailer, ‘Saas Bahu Aachar Pvt. Ltd’ is Suman’s coming of age story where she finds her true calling in the world of business with the support of her loving mother-in-law (played by Yamini Das) and evolves into her own. 

ZEE5 has been upping their game with unbelievable content on OTT.

"There are very amazing and talented artists to watch in this show, Amruta who is as we all know mind boggling artist, there’s Yamini ji, Anup Soni who is like recognised on every nook and corner of this country and beyond, there are this three kids who are truly amazing children have played their part very beautifully and yes of course it has me. So I feel there are so many reasons to watch it. I’m looking forward to it," Anjana Sukhani added. 

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