Exclusive: 'United Kacche' Star Sunil Grover Opens Up On Portraying Different Roles Onscreen, The Show’s USP & More

During an exclusive chat, United Kacche lead actor Sunil Grover opened up on how he takes up the challenge to portray multiple characters on screen and what is the USP of the show.

Exclusive: 'United Kacche' Star Sunil Grover Opens Up On Portraying Different Roles Onscreen, The Show’s USP & More Photo Courtesy : Instagram

New Delhi: Sunil Grover’s latest web series ‘United Kacche’ has kept fans on their toes as the actor would be seen in stepping into the shoes of an illegal immigrant in the United Kingdom. The trailer of the show showcases how people from the state of Punjab mortgage their land and houses to go to England. Not just Indians, the show also showcases the story of illegal immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, the film traces the stark reality with a comedic tone which they face when they finally reach their destination. 

During an exclusive chat with Zee English Digital, lead actor Sunil Grover opened up on the art of portraying different kinds of roles on screen, and what is it about the show that makes a connect with the audience. 

When asked how he has portrayed multiple characters on screen which includes both male and female characters, he said, “Once it is planned in my head, the entire process of shooting becomes easy. At the same time to arrive there is difficult. I believe one has to give a little thought to characterisation. If I am able to find relatability to characters it becomes easy and fun for me. For a specific character, if I have a first-hand experience related to it, I can do it with ease but if I don’t find a connection with that character, then it becomes little bit of an unknown territory which would need time.” 

The actor also talked about besides the rib-tickling comedy, what is the USP of the show. He said, “I want to congratulate ZEE5 for coming up with this unique kind of show which has never been created before. I think this is the first time they have explored a sitcom revolving around a foreign country. The thought itself sounds beautiful and the set-up is appealing like I mentioned.” 

Talking about the slice of life approach of the show, he added, “Their daily routine is relatable. It is a slice of life comedy. We all want to achieve something at some point in our lives. Sometimes without thinking, we get ourselves into situations without imagining the outcome. We are eager to see what may happen. This the space where the characters belong. They are illegal residents stuck in a situation where they cannot even open bank accounts on their own names. Neither can they travel nor do they have medical facilities. The challenges they encounter to survive over there are unreal. Only hope keeps them going that one day they will become permanent. People who have lived abroad will be able to identify with the sentiments of these characters.” 

‘United Kacche’ premiered on Zee5 on 31st March, 2023 and consists of 8 episodes. Apart from Sunil Grover, the film stars Sapna Pabbi, Manu Rishi, Satish Shah, Nayani Dixitt, Neelu Kohli among others.