Cardi B breaks egg in a weird way in viral video, netizens are perplexed

A video of rapper Cardi B breaking an egg like a 'serial killer' has gone viral on the internet.

Cardi B breaks egg in a weird way in viral video, netizens are perplexed Pic courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Grammy award winner - rapper Cardi B, is known for her distinct style and personality. Netizens are currently hooked to a viral video of her’s which has resurfaced on the internet. In the video, Cardi B can be seen breaking an egg in a weird manner while making a hair mask for herself and her daughter. The rapper smashes and grinds the egg but at the same time doesn’t drop any egg shells.

Check out the video:

The American rapper first uploaded the video last year and is still available on her Instagram highlights section titled ‘Hair Day’. The ‘Up’ hit-maker in the clip can be seen making a hair mask with mashed avocados, some essential oils, mayonnaise and eggs to keep her hair shiny and smooth. “Guys wish me luck cracking this egg,” Cardi B said before cracking the egg in the most unusual manner.

After the video went viral again, netizens are having a laughing riot. “Cardi is a serial killer. Why she crack this egg like this,” tweeted one user. Another commented, “That fact that not 1 piece of shell landed in there was amazing” A third wrote, “Why didnt she just stab the shell with her nails?”

Cardi B, was recently in the news for refusing to take COVID vaccine as she wants to do her research first and does not want to be bullied into taking it.

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