Electric vehicles to become as affordable as their petrol counterparts, says Nitin Gadkari

The Union and Transport Minister have been spotted checking and examining vehicles using another source of power, such as the Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai.

Electric vehicles to become as affordable as their petrol counterparts, says Nitin Gadkari

All-electric vehicles (EVs) would cost the same as gasoline vehicles in the country within a year, according to Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari. Gadkari further stated that the government is promoting ethanol made from crop residue as an alternative to gasoline and diesel. It is to be noted that the Union Transport Minister has been spotted trying and examining a few different types of vehicles like the Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai and Yulu electric scooter. 

"I am trying...Within one year, the cost of electric vehicles will be equivalent to the cost of petrol vehicles in the country and we will save money spent on fossil fuels," he said while addressing 'TV9 What India Think Today Global Summit'.

The minister said the government is already promoting green fuels in a big way. Gadkari noted that waterways use a cheaper mode of transportation than road, and it is going to come up in a big way. 

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Meanwhile, in another statement Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, said that a person who sends a photograph of an illegally parked vehicle may soon be eligible for a reward of Rs 500 if the penalty totals Rs 1,000. Gadkari, who is known for his forthrightness, said he is mulling legislation to ban incorrectly parked cars from obstructing traffic. This contributes to the government's goal of improving India's traffic situation.

"Main ek kanoon laane wala hun ki road par jo vehicle khadi karega, uska joh mobile se photo nikal kar bhejega, usko agar Rs 1,000 fine hoga, toh Rs 500 photo nikalane wale ko milega. Toh parking ka problem solves ho jayega (I am going to bring a law under which a person sending photographs of a wrongly parked vehicle will get Rs 500 if the total fine works out to be Rs 1,000. Then the problem of parking will be solved)," he said.

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