Electric Car Catches Fire On Road In Bengaluru, Video Surfaces Online

The viral video shared on multiple social media platforms shows the car burning with flames rising high in the sky with thick black smoke coming out of the electric vehicle.

Electric Car Catches Fire On Road In Bengaluru, Video Surfaces Online Image Source- Instagram

After multiple incidents of electric scooters catching fire, a new incident of an electric car catching fire on streets of Karnataka's Bengaluru has surfaced on the internet. The incident of the car burning with flames and billowing black smoke was caught on camera and the videos of the incident are being shared on the internet. The video shows the charred car after it caught fire. Reportedly, the incident occurred on September 30 in JP Nagar of Bengaluru. No casualties have been reported in the incident.

The video shared on social media platforms shows a white car spitting flames in the middle of the road, while people on both sides of the road wait as spectators. Meanwhile, a traffic police official tries to keep people away from burning the car. However, the reason for the fire has not been ascertained yet.

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The video shared on Instagram has got over 30 thousand views on the social media platform along with multiple reactions from the social media users. Multiple users tried to guess the car model with some claiming that the car looks like a Mahindra E20.


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Previously, there have been multiple incidents of various electric scooters catching fire. Following such incidents, the government issued guidelines for auto manufacturers to inspect electric vehicles. Multiple EV manufacturers issued recalls to inspect electric two-wheelers that were susceptible to fire.

In the past incidents, hot climate was considered to be a major factor casuing the batteries to explode. Overcharging leading to swollen batteries was the another factor affecting the safety of electric vehicles sold in Indian market.