Citroen takes a soft jibe at Tesla CEO Elon Musk via Billboard, here’s why?

Citroen took a jibe at Tesla CEO Elon Musk after selling 50 units of its limited-edition Ami buggy, which is a small electric majorly sold in Morocco, Turkey, and Europe.

Citroen takes a soft jibe at Tesla CEO Elon Musk via Billboard, here’s why?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often likes to pull the legs of various brands people and hence is subjected to similar kinds of comments from others. Recently, French carmaker Citron took a jibe at Elon Musk after recording a quick sale on its limited-edition Ami buggy electric car. It is to be noted that the French automaker sold all the 50 units of the electric car in less than 18 minutes using its digital platform. Taking a dig at Tesla and Elon Musk, Citroen put up banners of the Ami buggy with a message saying, "Sorry Elon, the only way to get one is to buy us."

Citroen's message for Elon Musk was displayed on a billboard in French at Paris' Gare de L'Est train station. The French automaker interprets the remark as a jab at the Tesla CEO, presumably alluding to his desire to acquire other businesses. In a recent unanimous vote, the board of the social media site approved Musk's $44 billion takeover offer for Twitter.

It is essential to mention that the Citroen Ami electric car was launched back in April 2020. The electric car has created a space for itself in the market, with more than 22,000 units of the Ami on road. The electric vehicle has its major hold in the markets of Europe, Turkey, and Morocco.

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Starting at 9,790 euros, the carmaker's limited edition My Ami Buggy is available for purchase (roughly converted to around 8.09 lakh). The small electric vehicle lacks a typical roof. Citroen instead offers a canvas roof that can be rolled back as needed. Metal tube gates are also present.

Talking about the Ami, it is a small-sized mini-electric car, it has a length of  2.41 meters, a width of 1.390 meters, and a height of 1.52 meters. Moreover, the car touches the ground with 14-inch wheels. The EV draws its power from a 6-kilowatt electric motor and a 5.5 kWh battery pack.

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