Anand Mahindra appreciates Kashmiri teacher for making solar-car, talks about developing it

Mahindra CEO Anand Mahindra has recently taken the time to appreciate the Kashmiri teacher Bilal Ahmed who built a solar-powered electric car on his own.

Anand Mahindra appreciates Kashmiri teacher for making solar-car, talks about developing it

A car that can be driven at the cost of zero rupees per kilometer is something that everyone desires. But manifesting that desire for reality, a Kashmiri mathematics teacher got famous because of his innovation in the form of a Maruti car converted into a solar-powered electric car. The invention of the teacher named Bilal Ahmed has been getting a lot of attention, even more so with the increasing cost of fuel and growing environmental concerns. Moreover, apart from being environmentally friendly, the car can also be one of the most cost-effective options.

Recently, Mahindra's CEO Anand Mahindra, known for his open expression on social media, has taken the time to appreciate Bilal Ahmed's invention. He commented on the innovation, saying that his passion was commendable and appreciated him for developing the car single-handedly. Moreover, he also offered the man to develop his project with the help of his Mahindra Research valley.

In Anand Mahindra's words, "Bilal’s passion is commendable. I applaud his single-handedly developing this prototype. Clearly, the design needs to evolve into a production-friendly version. Perhaps our team at Mahindra Research Valley can work alongside him to develop it further."

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The project that Bilal Ahmed, a native of Tangmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, has been working on for more than 13 years has now hit a significant milestone. He has constructed his solar-powered electric vehicle from a Maruti Suzuki 800's body, which has been entirely covered with solar panels to capture solar energy. Additionally, he made a few minor adjustments to the car's body to make room for the solar panels.

Earlier, in an interview with ANI, Bilal mentioned that he wished to build a car for the disabled but couldn't pursue it because of financial concerns. To give a few details of the solar car, the car has gullwing doors like a Ferrari. However, Ahmed mentioned that making the Gullwing doors was a challenge for him that he had to overcome. In the interview, he also mentioned that he gets good responses when driving the car on road.

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