Showbiz needs course of correction, says Saurabh Prajapati

The pandemic wasn't and isn't a bad dream that Bollywood will simply wake up from. 

Showbiz needs course of correction, says Saurabh Prajapati

What has been the influence of the pandemic on Bollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole? Will the entertainment industry, particularly the theatrical film industry, return to its former glory? Why are Spider-Man and a few Southern films doing so well at the box office, but Hindi films struggle? Is it necessary for Bollywood to make a collective course correction, and is it necessary to reach out to and replenish our bases among the masses? These are issues that are always being debated. These questions have been asked in a variety of places as well as privately. 

The pandemic wasn't and isn't a bad dream that Bollywood will simply wake up from. Rather, it's been like a long tunnel that has led us to a new landscape—one that resembles our previous world but is fundamentally different. It's as if we were or are inside a time machine, and the film industry didn't pick up where it left off two years ago.

Dance is the most popular and exquisite form of expression. It not only makes us express our feelings in the most elaborate form, but it also increases our cognitive memory. How you connect with the audience, depends on how much energy you stake in your dance moves and expressions. You can be connected emotionally with the audience with your dance moves. 

Various types of dance forms are common in today's videos, they are Zumba, contemporary dance, tango, Latino dance form and many more. The last few are rare to find in Bollywood but they are soon having space in Bollywood. Many new dance forms and changes are imbibed in the latest dance videos of the industry. Various talents in the industry went unnoticed and when you se

Many videos are brought to life in the video as it brings life to the whole scenario. The complete storytelling is done by the choreographer and music that fits the theme brings life to the whole ballet-like storytelling mode of the video. Various steps are involved in creating sizzling and remembering numbers. One’s passion is depicted in the dance forms that are performed in the music videos. High voltage dance videos require peppy music and hip hop style, it also includes the music that brings the smoothness and flow of the video. When the audience watches the video, they cling to it and are compelled to watch it many times over and over again. In this manner, many have created history with this art and brought many passionate Bollywood videos to life. Many choreographers have won many recognitions and awards for their splendid performance. 

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One of the leading names is Saurabh  Prajapati. He is a very young and talented director and Cinematographer. He has shown his vivid talent and dance forms in the music video of “Fidaai” and shown the various arenas of the talents. Aamir Khan views on Fidaai”,he says,” What an outstanding video and a beautiful song! Elle AvrRam is out of this world! This is matched beautifully with Salman Yusuff Khan. He mentioned that the choreography of Saurabh Prajapati is evocative and this has brought life to the whole video.  Many more videos to come will engage more and more recognition and accolades from the audience. 


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