Petrol Price Today, Oct 1: Petrol, diesel rates soar to record high

Prices of petrol and diesel were increased by 25 paise and 30 paise per litre. 

Petrol Price Today, Oct 1: Petrol, diesel rates soar to record high

New Delhi: Fuel prices were hiked again on Friday, October 1, due to the increasing rates in the international markets. In the latest revision, petrol and diesel prices were increased by 25 paise and 30 paise per litre, respectively.

With the latest change, petrol and diesel are now selling at record high prices. For instance, the price of one-litre petrol in Delhi now stands at Rs 101.89 while the fuel is selling for Rs 107.95 per litre in Mumbai. 

According to the daily price notification by oil retailers, diesel prices have increased to Rs 90.17 a litre in Delhi. In the financial capital of India, diesel is selling at Rs 97.84 per litre. 

In Kolkata, petrol is selling for Rs 102.47 per litre while diesel is retailing Rs 93.27 per litre. Meanwhile, petrol is selling at Rs 99.58 in Chennai while diesel is retailing at Rs 94.74 per litre.  

With the latest increase, petrol is now selling at record highs. Previously, petrol’s record price stood at Rs 101.84 a litre in Delhi in July. Since then, gold prices more or less had remained the same.  

Notably, today’s hike in petrol prices is the third since the three-week-long hiatus ended last month. In the case of diesel, today’s increase is the fifth since the hiatus had ended on September 24, 2021.  

Indian Oil Corp (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) were selling petrol and diesel at similar prices from September 5 to September 24. Also Read: Ola Electric raises over $200 million at $3 billion valuation

However, now the petrol and diesel rates are again fluctuating. Since September 24, diesel prices have been increased by 1.25 paise per litre. On the other hand, petrol price has hiked by 50 paise per litre. Also Read: Aadhaar card update: Here’s how to update your name, mobile number in regional language

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