MS Dhoni TROLLED, Hailed After IPL Shares Length Of His Dive To Take Vijay Shankar's Catch; Check Reactions

Dhoni was at his best against Titans in IPL 2024 clash at Chepauk. His catch brought contrasting reactions on social media. Check some of them here.

MS Dhoni TROLLED, Hailed After IPL Shares Length Of His Dive To Take Vijay Shankar's Catch; Check Reactions MS Dhoni. (Image: X)

Former Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain MS Dhoni took a superb catch on Tuesday night in the IPL 2024 clash against Gujarat Titans (GT) at Chepauk. Dhoni took a leap to his right and caught the ball very low. It could have been called as a simple catch had any 25-year-old taken it. But because it was Dhoni, the catch went viral instantly, his fans hailing it already as one of the best in the tournament so far. IPL shared the length of the dive, 2.27m, and it made for interesting reactions from the fans.

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Majority of Dhoni fans hailed 'Thala' for this catch while other saw it as a normal catch which was a good effort from him. Dhoni fans requested him to carry on for some more years as he had cleared the fitness test with this grab. Others said that Dhoni is ageing like a fine wine as he is 42 years old and still got the same fitness levels as  32 year old.

At the same time, there was a section of fans who did not find the catch as great as possible and termed it as 'overhype'. A X user posted the photo of Dhoni diving to catch and wrote: ".07m stretch could have saved him from the runout that day", hinting at the run out in the the World Cup semifinal against New Zealand in 2019.

The Grade Cricketers, group of Podcasters from Australia, took potshots at media coverage of the Dhoni catch, saying that while it was a good catch, IPL sharing the length of it was a little over the top.

Check out the best reactions on Dhoni's viral catch here:

Talking about Dhoni's future as a CSK player, he has given signs already that he is on his way out. He will turn 43 in July this year and while he is very fit to still play one more season, he knows it take a lot of effort from him to continue at this age. He waited to see who can take the baton from him and Ruturaj seems to be that person. Dhoni was happy to hand over the captaincy to the young Maharashtra batter, who ha got a great start already.