Cricket World Cup 2023: Wasim Akram Slams Hasan Raza For Conspiracy Theory That ICC, BCCI Favouring India By Providing 'Different Balls'

Hasan Raza, former Pakistan cricketer, claimed that ICC and BCCI are favoring Indian bowlers by giving them special balls to bowl with. Legend Wasim Akram has reacted to the allegations.

Cricket World Cup 2023: Wasim Akram Slams Hasan Raza For Conspiracy Theory That ICC, BCCI Favouring India By Providing 'Different Balls' Wasim Akram and Hasan Raza. (Source: X)

After former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza's controversial statement went viral on India getting 'different balls' as a favour from International Cricket Council (ICC) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), many reactions have poured in. Largely, the statement only shocked the fans, former cricketers across the border. Former India player Aakash Chopra called the comments as 'comedy', adding that it does not look like a cricket show by any means. 

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Pakistan legend Wasim Akram, who finished with more than 500 ODI wickets, provided a clarity on how umpires keep a check on the balls given to the bowlers to bowl. But he did not stop himself from slamming Raza without taking his name. Akram said that such Pakistanis bring bad name to the whole country. 

"I want to have the same things these guys are having. Sounds like fun. Because their mind is not there. They get slammed by the world (for such statements) and take us down as well with them," Akram said on A Sports.

He further explained the process by which the balls are selected before a cricket match. Akram said that the team that bowls first picks the two new balls and keeps two options as well as the umpires, match referees keep a close eye. 

"It is a very simple thing. Umpire asks the bowling team to pick the balls with which they would want to bowl. The bowlers choose from the box of 12 brand new balls. All the match officials closely watch the whole thing. The bowlers pick two balls. Option 1 and Option 1. The umpires keep them in their pant pockets. The remaining 8 balls (remember that two new balla are used these days from two ends) to the other team. They do the same exercise," explained Akram.

Former Pakistan captain Shoiab Malik came out hard at Raza too, saying that when others succeed, one tends to become negative about that and that is not just in cricket but also in day-to-day life. "When we see someone succeed, we don't intend to learn from that person. Our first thought is to find something negative about that person," said Shoaib Malik.

The explanation from such a big figure in world cricket in form of Akram should bring an end to the whole controversy and conspiracy theories around Indian pacers. Truth is that the Indian fast bowlers have been fantastic with the new ball. There is a lot of hard work and sweat behind the success they are getting in this World Cup. Akram and the other panelists on A sports acknowledged that.