Tiger 3: Salman Khan-Starrer Recieves Warm Love And Support Ahead Of BIG Release - WATCH

Salman Khan fans expressed massive excitement to watch Tiger 3 in the theaters. Witness Salman-mania like never before! 


Tiger 3: Salman Khan-Starrer Recieves Warm Love And Support Ahead Of BIG Release - WATCH

New Delhi: Highly-anticipated film starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif is almost here and so is Diwali! The film is going to arrive on the big screen and everyone is eagerly excited for the same. What's more beautiful to witness is the superstar's stardom that has indeed been witnessed with the film's amazing advance booking guaranteeing it to book the record-breaking Diwali opening day collection figures. 

This is a true testament to film's buzz around the corners that is constantly rising at a fever pitch. As the trailer and the action-packed clips from the film are constantly pushing the audience's excitement, it has now started to take social media by storm with a flood of fans expressing their excitement for its release. 

Here's how netizens took over social media by expressing their excitement for the release of Salman Khan's Tiger 3.

Salman shared, "It is always special to have a release in Diwali because I have very fond memories of how the festival has always blessed me with good luck. It is quite amazing that Katrina and I, as a pair, haven't had any Diwali release and Tiger 3 will be our first Diwali film! As co-stars, we have done films that have been loved by many people. So, if we can give them the best Diwali with Tiger 3, we would be very humbled."

Katrina shared, "This Diwali is extra special because I have a release in Tiger 3, a film which is about triumph over evil. It's also my first film with Salman to be releasing on Diwali! Salman and I are looking forward to entertaining everyone and adding even more joy and excitement to this Diwali's festivities."

The hugely anticipated Tiger 3 features Salman Khan in the lead alongside Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi. The film, helmed by Maneesh Sharma, will be released in cinemas on November 12th, 2023, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.