This Actor Did 6 Roles In One Movie 22 Years Ago - Can You Guess The Film That Ended Up Booking Huge Profit In Crores?

From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan, actors have often worked in a dual role in films but this actor has played 6! Read on...

This Actor Did 6 Roles In One Movie 22 Years Ago - Can You Guess The Film That Ended Up Booking Huge Profit In Crores? Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

New Delhi: Actor Govinda has mesmerized audiences for over decades. In one of the movies, the veteran actor has played the lead role 'Raj Malhotra' in 'Hadh Kar Di Aapne'. While fans drool over other dual-role performances, our very Gocida casted his spell by playing 6 Roles! Apart from playing 'Raj Malhotra', Govinda played five other roles which included the role of Raj Malhotra's father, grandfather, grandmother, sister and mother.

It is a meritorious achievement as several other actors have won accolades for playing dual roles but Govinda has entertained the audience by playing more than just a double roles in film. Superstar Govinda has effortlessly played around six different characters in the 2000 romantic comedy 'Hadh Kar Di Aapne', starring Rani Mukherjee as well.

In 'Hadh Kar Di Aapne', Govinda added a unique flavour which has left audience wanting for more. Not just he played the lead role with splendid ease, Govinda executed the other 5 roles with expertise. It added an undeniable flavour to pure comedy. 

'Hadh Kar Di Aapne' also starred Rani Mukerji, Johnny Lever, Nirmal Pandey, Satish Kaushik, Paresh Rawal, Tinu Anand and Rakesh Bedi. However, according to reports, Rani wasn't director Manoj Agarwal's first choice for the film. However, Govinda and Rani's chemistry was widely lauded. The film performed well at the box office and collected around Rs 20 crore. 

Famous for his versatility, Govinda is loved by all. An all-rounder actor who has casted a spell for decades with his splendid dance moves. Due to his perfect comic timing, love for Govinda isn't going to fade away either. 

Recently, Govinda was at the centre of a controversy where the actor apparently reacted to a video of mob violence in Haryana on Twitter and his comment read, “What have we come down to? Shame on the people who call themselves Hindus and do such things. Aman aur shanti banaye, hum democracy hai, autocracy nahi!”

However, the actor clarified later on and said, “I want to say to all the people of Haryana, who are my friends and fans that my Twitter (X) account has been hacked. I haven’t been using Twitter for many years. My team has denied that they have tweeted anything. As they never share anything without informing me. I will give this matter to the cybercrime and they will look into the matter.”