Viral Video: Argentina's New Presidential Aircraft Performs Risky Maneuver Before Landing

Argentina's presidential aircraft, Boeing 757-200, was recorded from multiple angles performing a low pass on the airport's runway before landing, and now the videos are viral.

Viral Video: Argentina's New Presidential Aircraft Performs Risky Maneuver Before Landing Image Source- Twitter

The Argentinian government on Thursday received a new presidential plane. After receiving the new Boeing 757-200 aircraft, the plane was taken to the Jorge Newbery Airfield. However, before the plane reached the airfield, it was captured on camera performing risky maneuvers. Following this, the video was shared on social media attracting criticism for the pilot of the aircraft. To be specific, the Boeing aircraft was seen performing a low pass above the runway. It is to be noted that the VVIP-configured ARG 01 will be used for the services of Argentina's President, Alberto Fenandez.

Viewers at Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery in Argentina's capital city of Buenos Aires recorded a video of the occurrence. It demonstrated how the plane executed a missed approach, levelling out very low over the runway, and then made a sharp left turn. The aircraft then reportedly circled back and came back for a full stop, landing on the runway.

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Addressing the criticism on social media, aircraft pilots, Leonardo Barone and Juan Pablo Pinto, released a statement saying that they had authorization from the air traffic controller to perform a low pass above the runway. Simple Flying quotes the statement saying, "Said pass was authorized by the air traffic control, as this is a traditional maneuver done whenever a new aircraft arrives or when a commander retires."

Argentina's new presidential aircraft is worth around $ 22 million. The cost of the plane is justified by its VIP configuration. Furthermore, the aircraft consists of the main suite and two additional rooms that can be used as meeting rooms. With all of this in place, the aircraft has a capacity of carrying 39 passengers.

The 757-200 was built in 2000 and first operated by Iberia. It was purchased by Funair Corporation in 2005. It operated flights between 2005 and 2022 for Miami, Florida-based private charter airline Fun Air.