Shocking! Pilot faints mid-air due to THIS reason, plane makes emergency landing

Pilot faints in cockpit mid-air on an Birmingham-Antalya flight due to turbulence in aircraft; co-pilot makes emergency landing, all passengers safe. 

Shocking! Pilot faints mid-air due to THIS reason, plane makes emergency landing

A pilot reportedly fainted in the cockpit on a Jet2 flight after the aircraft experienced moderate turbulence. At 30,000, flight LS1239 was flying between Birmingham, England, and Antalya, Turkey, when the pilot fainted. The co-pilot declared an emergency and as a precautionary measure diverted the plane to Thessaloniki, Greece where the flight made a safe landing. All the passengers and onboard cabin crew were reported safe, however, the flight was delayed by over eight hours. Later, a replacement flight crew flew to Thessaloniki to continue the flight to Antalya. Stranded passengers were given meal vouchers as they waited at the airport to board the replacement flight. 

The incident took place on August 23 due to moderate turbulence in the flight at level 300. With the co-pilot’s presence of mind and actions, the pilot who fainted got the required medical assistance at the airport.

The airline provided four meal vouchers to each passenger stranded at the Germany airport as the second flight reached eight hours late. However, no reimbursement was given to the passengers for the flight delay by the airline. Jet2’s reimbursement policy explicitly states that the airline does not compensate for any flight delays caused due to medical emergencies. 

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“Flight LS1239 from Birmingham to Antalya diverted to Thessaloniki Airport as a precautionary measure on Tuesday (August 23) due to one of the pilots feeling unwell. A replacement crew was flown to Thessaloniki so that we could get customers on their way to Antalya that same evening,” the airline Spokesperson said, reports Simplefying. 

"We communicated this to our customers as soon as possible, and our teams worked extremely hard to look after everyone. We would like to apologize to anyone affected by this unforeseen delay," the Spokesperson further said.  

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