Rival Airline's Pilot Helps Southwest Flight In Emergency Landing After Captain's Incapacitation

The pilot from the rival airline helped the Southwest flight make an emergency landing after one of the flight deck crew fell sick during a three-hour flight from Las Vegas and Ohio.

Rival Airline's Pilot Helps Southwest Flight In Emergency Landing After Captain's Incapacitation Image for representation

Southwest Airlines' flight landed in trouble when one of the flight deck crew members suffered a medical emergency. To save the day one of the passengers on the flight stepped in and helped the pilot execute a safe landing. The helpful passenger on the flight was one of the pilots of the rival airlines. The incident occurred on flight 6013 while it was on its way from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada to Columbus, Ohio.

Right after the departure, one of the pilots on the three-hour flight fell sick and needed immediate medical attention. As per the news report, the captain felt acute pain and fainted rendering him incapable of doing anything. After "coming back" a minute later, he was reportedly taken off the flight deck and attended to by flight attendants in the aircraft's cargo hold. But someone called to say that he needed an ambulance right now.

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Following the standard procedure, the cabin crew announced the medical emergency onboard to find a doctor while also informing that the plane needs to return to Las Vegas. Upon the announcement, an off-duty pilot on board the flight who works for another airline went into the flight deck and helped with radio communication while the other Southwest pilot flew the plane.

With the assistance of the pilot, at around 07:50, the airliner made a second landing at LAS, where emergency medical personnel were waiting. At 1102, the same aircraft was given to a new flight crew, and it again took off for Ohio.

Later on, Southwest Airlines issued a statement appreciating the pilot for its assistance. Simple Flying, quotes the airliner saying, "We greatly appreciate their support and assistance." They added, "We commend the crew for their professionalism and appreciate our customers' patience and understanding regarding the situation."