Indigo plane isolated after tissue paper 'BOMB' scare, 200 passengers evacuated

The tissue with the word 'Bomb' written on it was found on the aircraft after the Indigo plane completed its flight to Bengaluru, after which the authorities swung in action.

Indigo plane isolated after tissue paper 'BOMB' scare, 200 passengers evacuated

The crew of an Indigo aircraft had a bomb scare after a piece of tissue paper was found with the word 'Bomb' written on it. Reports suggest that the incident occurred on the Airbus A321neo aircraft after its completed flight 6E379 between Kolkata and Bengaluru. The flight usually takes two hours. The incident occurred on the Bengaluru-bound flight on Sunday, which was supposed to arrive at 8:15 at the destination airport. The incident at the Kempegowda International Airport alarmed authorities, and they swung into action after the reports.

One of the flight's cabin crew members discovered a note with the word bomb scrawled on it behind a seat after more than 200 people had disembarked. Reports suggest that after the airline was alerted, the empty aircraft was isolated in the parking bay. It is to be noted that the note was found on tissue paper behind a seat on the plane.

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Simpleflying reports, In response, the authorities dispatched a bomb squad to thoroughly inspect the aircraft. Following the departure of the passengers, trained canines were used to investigate the empty plane before it was thoroughly sanitised.

The aeroplane was granted the all-clear after adhering to the usual operating protocols. One of the passengers is on the police radar, and the inquiry is still ongoing. An FIR (first information report) will be filed under the appropriate sections as instructed by the court after IndiGo approached the airport police station and filed a complaint that will be presented in court today.

After the incident the plane embarked on multiple other flights. Recently, there have been multiple reports of hoax bomb scares with different airlines. One of the most recent ones includes a bomb scare on a Chennai-Dubai flight. The flight was delayed after the hoax the threat.

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